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The Fraud of 11 September 2001

2. The drug structure of the CIA against the KGB for "actions": Civil wars, coups, and uprisings

The most powerful secret services who are manipulating each other
                          of CIA, secret service of the "USA"
                          with activities against "Soviet
                          Union" and against Arabs in connection
                          with Jewish racist Zionist Mosad
Logo of CIA, secret service of the "USA" with activities against "Soviet Union" and against Arabs in connection with Jewish racist Zionist Mosad
Logo of
                          KGB on an officer's sticker, secret service of
                          "Soviet Union" with activities
                          against "USA" and with the largest
                          prison of the world, the Gulag
Logo of KGB on an officer's sticker, secret service of "Soviet Union" with activities against "USA" and with the largest prison of the world, the Gulag
                          of Mossad / Mosad, secret service of the state
                          of Israel with racist Zionist government with
                          activities against Arabs for winning
                          territories in connection with CIA
Logo of Mossad / Mosad, secret service of the state of Israel with racist Zionist government with activities against Arabs for winning territories in connection with CIA

by Michael Palomino (2004 / 2006 / 2009)

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from: Andreas von Bülow: CIA and the 11 September. International Terror an The Role Of the Secret Services
[orig.: "Die CIA und der 11. September. Internationaler Terror und die Rolle der Geheimdienste"]. Piper edition; Munich/Zurich 2003]

Foundation of the CIA
-- the organization of the financing for the world wide covered actions is made by drug traffic (p.40,239)

-- by this the CIA is promoting the organized criminality and the money washing by covered financial and banking actions

-- according to Bülow that is "privileged drug dealing by a secret service" (p.40)

-- the CIA is financing the covered operations to destabilize different hot spots on earth (p.239).

Cynicism of the CIA about the "truth" at the entrance door of CIA at Langley (Virginia)

CIA has a well shaped front with a Bible phrase:

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" (from Gospel of John 8,32)

But the sentence is not corresponding to the order which CIA has (S.252,266).

CIA and the "consultants" of the  "US" government
-- the secret services perform hidden operations serving the power goals of the government
-- the elites of power of the economy and finance inform the consultants of the president
-- the "US" president and above all the "consultants" give the definition of the goals of the "US" policy (p.179).

since 1946
CIA lives from drogue dealing
-- CIA uses the drogue criminality for money resource in all parts of the world (p.11,12,180)
-- the actions of CIA are not conform to the base of the right in democracies (p.11).

Secret cervices serve themselves in the organized criminality
-- because these criminal people will not reveal secrets because they themselves are criminal (p.184)

-- the indication to be a secret service is not enough, but because of the own criminality there is always the threat of life long captivity (p.184)

-- secret services are bribing the criminal police to perform on an on the drogue dealing (p.183)

-- by this the main criminals of the organize criminality are bribed and can be won for the secret services (p.183-184).

-- the main criminal delivers the deed which is wanted by the secret service

-- the secret services have always some criminals on their lists for "actions" an at the same time they tolerate them (p.184)

-- by this the secret services can give out bad speculations to the public an can blame any person they want to be guilty

-- the secret services confirm the wrong person for guilty by bribed witnesses from the criminal circles

-- and the criminals are said if they say this an that as a wrong testimony that the punishment for their own criminality will not be so high (p.184).

The affected criminals will be exploited on

-- these are persons one can easily blame for something
-- these are e.g. psychical handicapped persons going to the red light district

-- telephone books should be e.g. a proof for a network
-- monitored telephone calls help to give proofs for a wrong culprit (p.184).

"Removal " company as an operation device
Mossad an other secret services like to use "removal companies" as a camouflage of information operations (p.221).

The question of the profit "Cui bono" is hidden - the culprits are hidden by new identities

When the profit question is yet coming up the agents and the instigators are protected by the secret services (p.184-185) or they will be "made neutralized", will get new identities, get a new face in distant countries (p.185).

To be sure agents of secret services deposit copies of proofs in several spots (p.185).

CIA against KGB

-- SU is until 1986 for "US" presidents always "the evil" [and by this there is always a polarized policy an fear can be provoked] (p.226)

-- CIA an FBI spread a fear in the own population over several 10 years by the exaggerate picture of the military power of the SU and provoke by this a persecution wave and an armament race

-- CIA has it's own soldiers (p.180)

-- CIA actions are orientated according to the Soviet KGB which is setting all his means against the "USA" [specially after the foundation of racist state of Israel when Jewish secret service Mosad is collaborating with the CIA]

-- the CIA wants to win against KGB concerning to potency and performance and is using the same means

->> the liberation movements in the "Third World" are all called communist by the CIA

->> freedom leaders who are looking for the way in the middle without surrender under a system are neutralized or weakened by coups, military coups an civil wars, an this is provoked by CIA or KGB

->> Bülow: "Terror operations to have influence to the public meaning is a standard operation for CIA"
(orig.: "Terroroperationen zur Beeinflussung der öffentlichen Meinung sind bei der CIA ein Standardmittel")

->> Bülow: "The list of the CIA provoked murders is long. The number of the victims in the population is going into the millions."
(orig.: "Die Liste der CIA-inspirierten Morde ist lang. Die Zahl der Opfer unter der Bevölkerung geht in die Millionen." (p.180)

[The Presidents are changing, but CIA is staying. In fact democracy in the "USA" hardly exists. And add to this there are wrong films - and the population of the "USA" lets manipulate themselves, e.g. with a moon landing which was in TV studios and with a big crane, or e.g. with an 11 September which was a blast of CIA himself...]

CIA and Mossad against the rest of the World

-- according to the works of Victor Ostrovsky an Ari Ben-Menashe CIA and Mossad are doing a worldwide psychological warfare

-- the secret services CIA an Mossad are presenting terror acts as a work of Arab fanatics

-- the terror acts are ordered by contact persons of the Mossad in a conspirator way

-- the terror acts against "America" and Israel should have influence on the world's meaning to become more friendly to racist Israel with the goal to tolerate the expulsion policy against the Palestinians in the occupied regions (p.214)

-- Victor Ostrovsky: Mossad (orig.: Der Mossad)
-- Ari Ben-Menashe: Profits of War; Inside the Secret US.-Israeli Arms Network

1950-2000 approx.
CIA provokes and organizes all longer civil wars, crises spots and autonomy movements
Bülow says (p.40)

Tactics of security service operations

1st order: Perfect wrong track - the Fata Morgana
-- principle: Secret services produce a real deed and a Fata Morgana as a wrong track to hide the real deed (p.188)

-- manipulation of the public opinion

-- careful brain washing

-- begin with a provocation of insurrection by an stage-managed, ugly deed or by an aimed suspicion or by a press manipulation, but it has to be a psychological developed "scenario". Bülow:

"Scenarios with a convincing misleading of the search an of the public meaning."
(orig.: "Drehbücher der überzeugenden Irreführung der Fahndung wie der öffentlichen Meinung.")

Consequences: The media and [the mass of the] population develop wrong ideas and believe the wrong person guilty (p.183).

[2d order: Deny the truth and point to the wrong track]
-- the responsibles can at any time deny and say lies, above all the ministers and the chiefs
-- above all there has to be a diversion of fundamental questions, what is useful for whom, because it has to be hidden
-- in the foreground against Islam should stand :

oo handicapped persons
oo religious fanaticism
oo blind revenge feelings
oo deep retardation concerning civilization (p.183).

[3d order]: Secret services have power in criminalistics and appoint how far cases will be covered up or not

-- this is handled to protect the wrong tracks

-- there is influence on "specialists" in the media

-- there is influence by the word "conspiracy theory" which is absolutely negative that the big mass of the population does not want to believe it

-- the secret services remove as fast as possible all evidence and proofs

-- the secret services put obstacles for the research of the wrong track saying it has to be "kept secret" and to tell something would open the means of the work of the secret service (p.185) or they come with the argument that the person saying something would be in danger after the statement, or: Without the permission of a "friendly cooperating" secret service would never be told anything (p.187).

So, one can see: The secret services are doing all to protect a wrong track and they are doing all to hide the other tracks by obstacles and destroying evidence and proofs (p.187).

Standard reason to hide documents

"order to keep it secret ... opening of documents [would] give the enemy a sight into the working methods ans working means of the secret service." (p.102)

(orig. Bülow: "Gebot der Geheimhaltung ... Preisgabe [gäbe] Einblick in Methoden und Arbeitsmittel der Geheimdienste." (S.102)

Factor translation

For having another range of manipulation secret services often "work" with translations because a translator eventually can be manipulated in a decisive sense:

-- telephone calls are not given out in bands but in translated copies

-- in the wars in Islam territories the method with translations has tragic consequences for the precise translation because only Jews from Palestine / Israel can translate the Arab slang

-- such bilingual Jews are not possible to compensate in the Western secret services and at the same time they always stay under influence of Mossad, former Mossad agent Ostrovsky says (p.186).

In: Thomas Powers: The Trouble with the CIA; In: The N.Y. Review of Books, 17.1.2002

Consequence: When a translator also have connections to the culprit's group [so, e.g. to Israel Jewish culprits], decisive sentences or words are e.g. omitted (p.186).

In: Senators Criticize FBI, Justice, Whistle-Blower's Allegations Ignored, Lawmakers Say; In: The Washington Post, 31.8.2002

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Picture credits

-- Logo of CIA: (2009)
-- Logo of KGB: (2009)
-- Logo of Mossad: (2009)