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The fraud of 11 September 2001

5. After the breakdown of the "SU":

CIA keeps his contacts to Osama bin Laden: "US" strategy, Israel's strategy, wars and pipeline project

Logo of criminal CIA Brzezinski, criminal CIA director
Bin Laden with
                        upraised forefinger was loved by the
                        "USA" for a long time against the
                      Sea with new states since 1986, manipulated by the
                      CIA by the greed for oil.
Israel would like to occupy Syria to fulfill
                      the invented prophecy in 1st Mose 15,18
Criminal CIA with Brzezinski keeps the friendly contacts with the Bin Laden family. Account executive is Larry Mitchell...

Bin Laden was loved by the "USA" for a long time against the "SU"
Clinton, Portrait George
                        W.Bush before the Congress on 20.9.2001

                          prime minister of Israel, a racist and
Clinton and George W.Bush: They should help to realize the strategic oil plans of CIA an give help to Israel for their occupation plans.

Netanjahu, prime minister of Israel, a racist and imperialist, lets build a street system in the West Bank only for Jews. Caspian Sea with new states since 1986, manipulated by the CIA by the greed for oil. Israel's racist and imperialistic strategists would like to occupy Syria following the sentence in 1st Mose 15,18: Israel's border should be the Euphrates. This prophecy should be fulfilled at last, mean Jewish strategists, for Erez Israel, Great Israel.

by Michael Palomino (2004 / 2006)

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Andreas von Bülow: CIA and the 11 September. International Terror an The Role Of the Secret Services
[orig. Die CIA und der 11. September. Internationaler Terror und die Rolle der Geheimdienste. Piper edition. Munich / Zurich 2003]

since 1986
Breakdown of the "SU"
This breakdown happens thank the CIA underground troops in Afghanistan, with the support of the father of Osama bin Laden, and with the support also of Saudi Arabia (p.33).

New goal of the CIA:
The "SU" should be driven out of the Caspian Sea: About 200 bn. barrel crude oil - oil production for the Muslim rebel movements against the "SU" - new foundation of states

-- CIA is provocating new independence movements in the region of the Caspian Sea so there are many new little states found there.

The next goal of CIA is

-- to install "American" military bases in the Caspian basin (p.239)

-- to exploit and to transport the mineral resources by "American" companies (p.239-240).

For this aim CIA supports systematically the rebel movements of the fundamentalist Muslims, one part of it are the "Afghanis". The financing of the Muslim fundamentalist mercenaries is going on by drug money with heroin from Afghanistan (p.240).

Red Army leaving Afghanistan

since 1990
Breakdown of the "SU" - the Bin Laden troops always find new "work"

-- Bin Laden is a friend of the Saudi secret service boss

-- the Saudi secret service boss is very interested in the fundamentalists that they get a spot for acting to spread Islam

-- at the same time the troops of Bin Laden can serve the Saudi regime as mercenaries in case of revolution in Saudi Arabia itself.

->> so, Bin Laden's troops are wanted by many Arab secret services (p.42).

-- Bin Laden has 10,000 of at least 30,000 secret service fighters under his order (p.42)

-- Bin Laden's troops are set in all hot spots in the Arab, Asiatic and in Muslim regions, and only the secret services know who is paying them

-- the "Afghanis" are fighting in Algeria, in Kosovo, In Bosnia Herzegovina, in Albania, in

-- and suddenly there is in every affected country drug commerce installed, the international criminality is rising, and the
machinations are hardly to be fought

-- according to Bülow in the whole world is CIA staying behind (the "company"), which is manipulating with "actions" the military positions (p.44).

since 1990s
"USA" pursues a policy of World dominance with extension step by step - Israel's expansion goal

-- the "US" "policy" has a large base in Congress not depending on the parties borders

-- the "US" "policy" has a strong support of the Israeli government with the goal of a "New Order" in Near East with the goal of a Great Israel and with the goal that an Israeli expansion will be accepted (p.224).

Osama turns against "USA"

Osama is against the "US" military bases in Arabia and calls for a putsch against the Saudi regime
but secret connections with CIA seem to go on (p.33) [probably with a direction against Russia].

Philadelphia: Meridian Plaza fire with 6 dead and 4 bn. $ damage, careful investigation

In: FEMA Report: (2005 not actual any more)

until 1992 ca.
The "freedom fighters" stay being puppets of the secret services for the foundations of states out of the "SU"

-- Osama bin Laden and Al Kaida are going on being puppets of the policy of ISI, CIA an the Saudi secret service

-- the "Afghanis" are all over the world doing service of the covered "American" foreign policy with provocations for new foundation of states in the Caucasus region up to Chechenia or Yugoslavia (p.227).

In: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: Osamagate. Center for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal

"USA" plan an Iraq invasion [is not realized whereas the revolting Iraqis would welcome it]

Zbigniew Brzezinski maintains the "USA" had the right for cheap exploitation of the world wide mineral resources

-- this right would be the prize for the victory against Communism

[but Communism only was financed by American banks...]

-- Brzezinski means no geopolitical enemy should rise again (p.224)

-- with this tactics Brzezinski follows the old British geographer Mackinder with the thesis from 1900 about: It would be decisive to dominate the axis from Siberia over Caucasus an the Caspian Sea over Iran to the Persian Golf up to the Arab peninsula (p.225).

In: book of Brzezinski: Die einzige Weltmacht. Amerikas Strategie der Vorherrschaft ["The own world power. Americas strategy and dominance"]

Brzezinski is a man of war yet and admires statesmen who are not following all rules (p.226).

[and it's a pity but there are also other "men of war" who are following and believing the Brzezinski shit, e.g. the "consultants" of a later "US" president George W.Bush].

The "American" power elite thinks in big parts like Brzezinski and Bush
-- independent from parties
-- in this political egoistic line are also thinking the national media of the "USA" (p.232)

[These ideas are absolutely destructive and anti democratic, cruel and trash. But look precisely what is happening now: Bin Laden headed against "US" imperialism, and now Saudi Arabia is heading against Bin Laden]:

Saudi Arabia cancels the payments to Bin Laden
following the pressure of the "USA" (p.42)

Saudi Arabia suspends Osama bin Laden's citizenship - expulsion - confiscation of his accounts
but the secret connections between CIA and Osama bin Laden seem to keep on (p.33) [probably considered as an energy reserve].

1995 ca.
Afghanistan: Taliban and the "American" oil company Unocal speak about a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan by Afghanistan up to Pakistan

-- as a consequence Unocal supports the Taliban to have "good friends" there (p.46)

-- the project has got a value of 2 m. $

-- also Saudi oil company Delta Oil Company is part of it which also wants to have the Taliban as a "good friend" there and supports Taliban, too.

The purpose is that Turkmenistan should get the independence from Russia and shall have own profit by selling 2 bio. m3 gas every day, and Russia shouldn't have any profit of it any more (p.46-47).

since 1995 ca.
"USA": A Republican "Think-Tank-Project" (S.235) plans a "Project for a New American Century" under  George W.Bush

-- this project is sponsored by the arm's lobbyists, by the ammunition industry, by the oil industry, by the gas industry, and by the mineral resources industries

-- the "thinkers" have been members of the Pentagon, of the State Department and of the arm's industry for many years partly

-- these "thinkers" are living in an illusion that the "USA" had landed a victory against the "evil" three times: Germany 1918, Germany 1945, the "Soviet Union" 1986

[this is a big illusion, because "US" troops have not done much:
-- in 1917 "USA" entered the war only at the end when France had fought the main part
-- in 1941 "USA" entered the war but began to fight against Germany only in 1944 and Russia had fought the main part
-- Soviet Union had not been fought at all, there was no war between "USA" and Russia at all, and moon landing was  a big lie and Russia was better in space than "USA"].

-- these "thinkers" maintain the "USA" had served a world peace, a "Pax Americana"

[but there were the banks of the "USA" financing the big wars in the world, and there were the "USA" selling weapons to Hitler and Stalin at the same time, and there were the "USA" provoking the war in Vietnam etc. etc.]

-- these "thinkers" admit that the "USA" should keep the world dominance (p.232).

[But the world dominance is only in TV with faked films. So, one can see, the "thinkers" cannot think but they only are called like that].

"US" blueprint of the Republican "Think Tank" for a new "Safety policy" for Israel: There are no talks about Jerusalem - Syria eventually has to be deleted

The Republican thinkers have a colonialist and racist kind of thinking with their projects for Middle East:

-- the base should be peace for giving back land

-- Israel has a right for territories as a dream which is 2,000 years old, "legal and noble" at the same time

-- Israel's right for existence is not negotiable

-- there will be no compromise with the Palestinians about Jerusalem

-- Israel's army should go on to be present in the Palestinian territories

-- precise attacks against the Israeli neighbor states are recommended, attacks against Syria, when Damascus is not cooperating in Lebanon concerning the fight against terror

-- there will be no discussion about Golan heights

-- Syria will disappear perhaps from the map when it will not cooperate: There is a plan of a common war Israel with Turkey with Jordanian against Syria

-- Israel should integrate his neighbor states in a balance of power

-- it's an important goal of the Israeli policy to get rid off Saddam Hussein (p.234)

In: Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000 ["Studiengruppe über eine neue israelische Strategie im Hinblick auf das Jahr 2000"]; The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies.

[One can see that this "Institute" is not at all a peaceful one and by this is not at all advanced what are doing the Stupid States...]

Bin Laden fights in Bosnia with his troops against the Serbian army
always with "American" support (p.227)

In: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: Osamagate. Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montréal

since 1997 approx.
Taliban government in Afghanistan

-- the Taliban expel the chaotic drug warlords, even the "lover" of the CIA and ISA who manipulated against the "SU": Hekmatyar

-- Taliban are first welcome by the population because they install an "order"

-- CIA plans the expansion of the Taliban up to Tadzhikistan's, Turkmenistan and Usbekistan for another destabilization of Russia (p.45)

-- the Taliban shut the girl's schools in Afghanistan (p.45)

-- the Taliban introduce the compulsory tshador (gurka), prohibit music, TV, even paper is prohibited because it could be recycled Koran paper (p.46)

->> the women of the whole world are fighting against the Taliban regime - with a worldwide protest CIA has not calculated (p.45)

->> all women's organizations of the world organize a resistance with the claim to stop all help for Afghanistan

-- but: The "American" oil company Unocal is friendly to the Taliban take-over of the power (p.46).

-- and the Taliban prohibit the cultivation of poppy for heroine production (p.239): The poppy crop falls from 4042 tons to about 82 tons within 18 months after the publication of the prohibition (p.266)

CIA: Taliban should go on to destabilize ex "SU" republics
but the Taliban are afraid of these states: As a consequence the Taliban have no big influence in the ex "SU" republics (p.244).

[The manipulation of the world and racist colonialism of the "EUA" with "geopolitics" do not stop, now another Bush is coming]:

since 1997
The "thinkers" of the Bush clique are working out a scenario for an Afghanistan occupation

Afghanistan: CIA is friendly to the Taliban because of the pipeline project

since 1998
CIA is presenting Osama bin Laden in the media as a monster

In: ABCNews; In: Chaim Kupferberg: The mystery surrounding the death of John O'Neill: The propaganda preparation for 9/11 ["Das Geheimnis um den Tod von John O'Neill: Die vorbereitende Propaganda für den 11.September"].

The Bush administration gives a definition of the "New American Century"

-- because Bush regime thinks there must not exist a counter power in Eurasia (p.224-225)

[but this counter power "Soviet Union" had been financed by "US" banks, the Bush administration is working with unreal data...]

-- Zbigniew Brzezinski stresses: "USA" should have the power over the oil and gas fields of the Near and Middle East, also the Caspian basin, and in this position Africa can be dominated (p.225).

IL: Strategy paper of the Likud regime with the Jordan as IL frontier: "New strategy 2000 for the State of Israel": Palestinians should live in separate villages

-- this plan is worked out by the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies in Jerusalem and Washington

-- every compromise with the Palestinians is interpreted as weakness (p.234)

-- Jordan river should be the new frontier of Israel, and militant Jewish settlers will realize to take the land

-- the Palestinians will be citizens of second class in special villages (p.236).

[This is the expression of the Israeli racism, and Jordan river is only a step of more steps. Jewish racism is dominated yet by the thoughts of Herzl that the Palestinians could be expelled like the Indians in North "America"].

since 2000
The Bush government thinks like Brzezinski: There is a right for cheap exploitation of the mineral resources

-- the employees of the Bush clan are above all:

oo  William Kristol, neo conservative
oo  Richard B.Cheney, vice president under Bush (p.232), managing director of the giant oil supply company Halliburton (p.266)
oo Donald Rumsfeld, defense minister under Bush

-- Wolfowitz, second defense minister under Bush

-- Richard Perle, leader of the consultant circle of the Pentagon for defense policy (p.232)

-- Richard Armitage, second foreign minister under Bush (p.232-233)

-- Jeb Bush, brother of president George W.Bush, governor of Florida

-- the ambassador of the "US" embassy in Afghanistan (p.233)

September 2000
"USA": The Bush strategy paper for a new "American Empire" is published

-- with this paper a new strategy is fixed
"Rebuilding America's Defense. Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" (p.233)

[it's a new colonialism against the whole world, nothing more]

-- the paper refers to the directions of Paul Wolfowitz for the Reagan regime with defense minister Dick Cheney (p.234)

-- the paper says the "USA" had to secure the military dominance for another 100 years

-- in regional dimensions the "USA" should keep the military, economical, technological and industrial dominance

-- "USA" has to build a defense against attacks from space

-- the SDI program should have high priority and should be realized

-- the ABM treaty with the armament restriction measures should be deleted

-- the "USA" should have the domination of cyber space
-- the "USA" should have the capacity to make several wars at the same time

-- the technological dominance of the "USA" concerning the weapon's development should be safe

-- nuclear weapons to break bunkers are to be saved

-- underground nuclear tests should begin again

-- biological weapons should be further developed (p.233)

-- the "American" population should resign to the "peace prize" after the collapse of the "Soviet Union" (p.233-234).

[So, this is the world dominance program of a Nazi America, and the world does not see it. "America" becomes terrorist no. 1 on the World].

Bush government wishes a catastrophe for a quick realization of the program

-- the plan of world domination and of a "Pax Americana" will be only possible when armament's payments are much higher (p.234)

-- the program can begin only in little steps, only when there is a second "Pearl Harbor like 1941 the program will be realized quick (p.234): "Some catastrophic and catalyzing event" is needed (p.266).

Some claims in the program: Removal of Hussein - send troops in the Middle East

-- removal of Saddam Hussein

-- implantation of a permanent "American" military presence in the Arab region

-- dissolve the spots of the Cold War time by time, to remove the troops to new spots of "war": to SE Asia and SE Europe (p.234).

In: Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century. A Report of The Project of the New American Century ["Wiederaufbau der amerikanischen Verteidigung: Strategie, Streitkräfte und Ressourcen für ein neues Jahrhundert. Ein Bericht über das Vorhaben im Neuen Amerikanischen Jahrhundert"]. September 2000

The "American" expansion is coordinated with the Israeli expansion

-- because the Bush regime supports in public statements strongly the Likud policy of Sharon and Netanjahu (p.234)

-- the Israeli government considers partnership, communication, balance and disarmament as weakness and degradation (p.236).

January 2001
The Bush regime begins it's "work"

July 2001
The "US" regime announces the Afghanistan war for middle of October
to Pakistan's former foreign minister Niaz Naik and to the government of India (p.241)

In: (2005 not actual any more)

since 8 July 2001 approx.
Dubai: Osama bin Laden is in an "American" hospital for several weeks because of a heavy kidney trouble
(p.33) resp. Bin Laden is in bed in the hospital for more than a week (p.228).

12 July 2001
Dubai: Osama bin Laden is visited at the hospital bed by the local CIA resident Larry Mitchell
according to French sources also a Saudi prince, the chief of the Saudi secret service, is with him (p.33), prince Turki al Failal Al Saud (p.228)

In: The Top 150 Subpoena list for the 911 Commission ["Die neueste Liste der Vorladungen für die Kommission zur Untersuchung des 11. September"]; In: Global Free Press

12. July 2001, evening
Mitchell is boasting in his friend's circle that he had visited Osama bin Laden in hospital
(p. 228)

13. July 2001
Mitchell is questioned at the headquarters of CIA about Osama bin Laden

In: Alexandra Richard: The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai ["Der CIA traf Bin Laden während einer Behandlung an einem amerikanischen Spital letzten Juli in Dubai"]; in: Le Figaro, 11.10.2001

August 2001
Florida: Talks between a Taliban delegation and a high ranked representative of Unocal
Talks between the Taliban delegation and the "US" government
A vehement representative in favor of the Taliban in the "USA" is the nice of the former CIA director Helms (p.47)..

until 1 Sep. 2001 approx.
Taliban relationships to the "USA" because of the oil and gas pipeline through Afghanistan
-- it's the absolute goal of the bush administration to prevent a pipeline construction over Russia and Iran
-- so until the last minute of 9-11 2001 are talks with the Taliban with authorization of the highest government ranks (p.228).

since 11 Sep. 2001
Change in Afghanistan: Drug lord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar becomes decisive partner of the "USA" in the fight against the Taliban

"USA" and GB cannot find biological weapons in Iraq
which were delivered for Saddam against Iran in 1980  (p.36)

Brzezinski means even today [in 2003], Afghanistan had been a decisive part of the collapse of the Soviet Union as a "Vietnam" for the "SU"
-- according to Bülow this is not right
-- but in Brzezinski's way the brains of CIA employees are structured (p.41)

All camps in Afghanistan are former sites of the "American" CIA operations against the former "SU"

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