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The fraud of 11 September 2001

14. Impossible mobile phone calls from airplanes should be proofs - the authorities say there are proofs but don't show any proof - one can always fake a phone call - and investigations are forbidden!

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by Michael Palomino (2004 / 2006)

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from: Andreas von Bülow: CIA and the 11 September. International Terror an The Role Of the Secret Services
[orig.: Die CIA und der 11.September. Internationaler Terror und die Rolle der Geheimdienste. Piper-Verlag. Munich / Zurich 2003]

General conditions: Fake always possible

-- all telephone records can be easily a fake (p.116)

-- voices can be imitated and disturbances and noise in the background can be added easily

-- when somebody is reporting a proposal from somebody there is no voice of the second person (p.124)

-- the alleged people making telephone calls maintain e.g. there were bombs on board, without one single proof, and without having seen one single bomb (p.132)

-- airplanes need a special infrastructure for mobile phone calls and this technique is not installed until 2005, as a report of n-tv for the preparation at Lufthansa confirms:

n-tv 3.7.2005  table 129

"Mobile phone in airliner
Since next year passengers can make telephone calls during their flights. according to information of "Focus" there will be a regulation of the air flight federal board changed next autumn which prohibits until now any mobile phone call during a flight. Airplane constructor Airbus has said the short and middle distance airplanes of the type A320 would be regularly provided with the new mobile phone technique. Lufthansa considers it's "prepared the best".

[orig.: "Handy im Flieger
Ab dem kommenden Jahr können Passagiere während Flugreisen mit ihren eigenen Handys telefonieren. Nach Informationen des "Focus" soll eine Verordnung des Luftfahrt-Bundesamts, die bislang Handy-Gespräche auf Flügen verbietet, im Herbst geändert werden. Flugzeugbauer Airbus wolle ab 2006 seine Kurz- und Mittelstrecken-Maschinen des Typs A320 serienmässig mit Mobilfunktechnik ausstatten. Die Lufthansa sieht sich "bestens vorbereitet"].

So this equipment for mobile phone calls in airplanes is not installed in 2001, but there is only radio transmission possible.

The unreal depiction about mobile phone calls at 9-11: Chronology

"USA": IL company Comverse Infosys has installed an automatic telephone monitoring for secret services and criminal prosecution

-- the technique is installed in all telephone systems of the "USA" (p.128-129)

over the monitoring installations Comverse is connected with all federal monitoring devices and with most of the federal states monitoring devices

-- justification of Comverse: This would be necessary for the service of the installations

-- until 11 September Comverse has not brought up criminals but has covered criminals: Comverse has helped many culprits of spying and drug affairs by transmission of monitored phone calls so they could flee from the justice, and "American" officials had claimed in vain that there must have been an anonymous help to escape (p.129).

In: Sylvain Cypel: An Enigma: Vast Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the United States; In: Le Monde, 5.3.2002

1st alleged airplane: Alleged phone call from AA 11 by flight attendant Betty Ong: Spray as a weapon

Ong is told having said:
-- 4 hijackers would have come from the seats 2A, 2B, 9A, 9B
-- the alleged hijackers had killed passenger from seat 10 B with a spray which had caused burning eyes and breathing difficulties (p.132).

->> here it seems were no paper or plastic knifes used (p.132).

In: Michael Gilson De Lomos: The 9-11 Box-Cutter Mystery; In: The Laissez Faire Electronic Times, 26.8.2002

3d alleged airplane: Alleged telephone call from AA 77 by Barbara Olson to Ted Olson

-- during the alleged Pentagon flight AA 77 one single telephone call should be the proof for the hijacking of an airplane, the phone call from Barbara Olson, wife of general attorney Ted Olson (p.116)

In: Joe Vialls: The Mother of All Lies About 9/11: Barbara Olson's "Phone Call" From Flight 77; 27.3.2002

-- according to reports from CNN on 12 September 2001 Miss Olson is told having called on 11 September 2001 two times by the telephone on board  the Ministry of Justice two times (p.116-117)

-- the alleged telephone call brings the track to Bin Laden and Al Kaida to the "Ministry of Justice" of the "USA" (p.117)

12 Sep. 2001
The wrong report from CNN about the alleged telephone call of Miss Olson to Mr. Ted (Theodore) Olson of 9-11 2001: Knife and paper knifes
CNN report:

-- general attorney Ted Olson had reported to CNN that Barbara Olson had called from flight 77 and had maintained the plane would be about to be hijacked
-- shortly after this the airplane flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon (p.117)

-- general attorney Ted Olson had further reported to CNN that Barbara Olson had said that the hijacker had driven all present passengers and crew members in the back part of the airplane

-- the hijackers were armed with knifes and paper knifes
-- she had the impression that nobody on board hat the responsibility
-- Ted Olson is asked to transmit to the pilot what the pilot should do now (p.117).


“Barbara Olson, a conservative commentator and attorney, alerted her husband, Solicitor General Ted Olson, that the plane she was on was being hijacked Tuesday morning, Ted Olson told CNN.  Shortly afterwards Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon” … “Ted Olson told CNN that his wife said all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers. The only weapons she mentioned were knives and cardboard cutters. She felt nobody was in charge and asked her husband to tell the pilot what to do.”


The events are impossible:

-- a General attorney cannot investigate like a staff member because such a news would have been kept secret for the investigations

-- instead going forward with the investigation such a report is coming from CNN

-- Ted Olson is never cited in the report directly which is absolutely not typical for such a high ranked officer, and Olson knew - because it was about the death of his wife - precisely what his wife had said, and this would be published directly (p.118).


There is one lie and another lie because Mr.  Theodore Olson gives no further interviews (p.119).

since 12 Sep. 2001
The Olson telephone call is the base for the conspiracy theory of the Bush regime against the alleged Muslim hijackers

General attorney Olson is mentioned in the media representatively
(p.120) with a foto of his wife and with big folios in leather so any public will believe the story in TV (p.121).

5 March 2002
Interview of Ted Olson in the London "Telegraph" about the phone call of Miss Olson: Title of the article: "She asked me if the airplane could be stopped"
Indications of Theodore Olson:

-- his wife Barbara Olson had used the telephone with was installed in the passenger's seat

-- Barbara Olson had called "collect" on charge of the called person

-- it seems Miss Barbara Olson had not money available at the moment

-- Barbara Olson said: "What shall I say to the pilot? What can I do? How can I put all this to an end?" (p.119)


 Report of CNN about Ted Olson 12 Sep. 2001 Interview of Ted Olson in Telegraph 5 March 2002
Passengers and crew are driven in the back part of the airplane and threatened by the hijackers Miss Olson is sitting on her seat and uses the passenger's telephone
also the pilot is in the back of the airplane when the crew is in the back of the airplane. Miss Barbara Olson asks what the pilot should be said.


: Telephone call with credit card is possible, but not "collect"
From an airliner of American Airlines it's not possible to make a phone call on charge of the called person "collect" (p.120).

Cover-up: The Ministry of Justice and the telephone company keep all documents concerning the Olson telephone call secret
-- probably there never was a telephone call
-- probably there never was a billing for a "collect" telephone call and all is a lie (p.120).

21 March 2002
Journalist Jim Hoagland blames Ted Olson his lies would be best means to an end
Journalist Jim Hoagland attacks general attorney Olson in the Washington Post that Olson had said one time himself that also government representatives would better spread lies than say the truth. By this Olson could have meant himself (p.121).

Alleged mobile phone calls from alleged flight UA 93 with alleged crash near Shanksville

14 Sep. 2001
4th alleged airplane: The widow of the victim Todd Beamer gets a report about an alleged telephone call from Todd Beamer to a telephone company on 11 September 2001

The widow reports to the "American" media and maintains that the telephone company had maintained

-- Todd Beamer had locked up himself in a toilet and had called to a woman telephone operator of the airline for 15 minutes

-- the woman telephone operator had informed Tedd Beamer about the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon

-- Beamer had taken the resolution to fight against the hijackers by force

-- by this Beamer had hindered another possible attack probably against Washington

-- Beamer had declared that 25 passengers and two injured pilots would be arrested in the back of the airplane

-- Beamer had declared there are 10 more persons arrested in the front part in the 1st class

-- Beamers voice had been absolutely calm but in the background had been chaos and screams (p.123)

-- Beamer had indicated that the airplane had shaked badly temporarily (p.123), then the airplane had allegedly performed a turn to the North (p.124)

-- Beamer had received further information and had heard other people making telephone calls by mobile phones maintaining that a crash would be inescapable

-- Beamer had requested the woman telephone operator to say to wife and children that he loved them

-- Beamer and the woman telephone operator had prayed together (p.124).

Additional indications of the widow of Beamer to the "American" media:

-- Beamer had announced to the woman telephone operator to attack the hijackers with other passengers and to overwhelm the hijackers with their bomb

-- the last words of Beamer had been: "Are you ready? - Roll it!"

-- the mobile phone had been opened and the woman telephone operator had been able to listen to the turmoil (p.124).

In: Hero's final phone call; In: BBC News World: America, 17 Sep. 2001

-- there is no personal identification possible because the whole phone call is transmitted only indirectly by the "woman telephone operator"

-- Beamer is not calling for help

-- in this situation of a hijacked airplane a long prayer seems to be inappropriate (p.125).

since 16 Sep. 2001
There are more reports about alleged telephone calls in the alleged hijacked airplanes

[not mentioned:
The CIA faking engine had 4 days time to produce faked telephone calls].

4th alleged airplane: Mother Bingham maintains a phone call from her son Mark Bingham

Indications of the mother:
-- her sun is announcing himself with name and family name
-- the mother maintains her son had said he loved the mother
-- the mother maintains her son had said that there were three hijackers who had taken over the airplane and would maintain having a bomb on board (p.124).

In: News Night; In: BBC News Events; Alison Hogland interview transcript.

It's not at all normal to utter the family name when one calls with the mother, it's almost impossible (p.125) [only in the case of a broken relationship this would be but then son and mother would not have telephone calls at all any more].

alleged airplane: Another alleged mobile phone call: Hijackers with read rags around head and belly
-- the hijacker would be Arab looking men, eventually Iranians
-- claim that the hijackers had red rags around their heads and bellies
-- claim that one of the hijackers had a bag with a bomb (p.125).

alleged airplane: Another alleged mobile phone call: A stewardess also maintains red rags around the heads of the hijackers
-- claim that the hijackers would be three men with knifes, one would be in the 1st class
-- claim that the hijackers had red rags around their heads and would look "Islamic" (p.125).

-- to have red rags around the head and the belly is a pirate look [and red ist the Communist color]
-- the red color was rejected by the prophet and for believing Muslims red clothes are prohibited, they do not wear any red clothing (p.126).

In: Joe Vialls: "Let's roll" On United Flight 93 - The Saddest Lie Of All; 20-22 Sep. 2002

4th alleged airplane: Phone call of a Spanish passenger to emergency call 911: Operator Glen Cramer reports of an explosion and of white smoke

Indications by Glen Cramer:
-- the Spaniard [name not indicated] had locked up himself in a toilet

-- the call had lasted one minute

-- the Spaniard had indicated that the airplane had been hijacked and he had heard an explosion and white smoke would come out of the airplane, but there was nothing more special because then the contact broke off (p.127)

->> the FBI does not comment the indications from Glen Cramer officially (p.261).

In: Website: How Did United Flight 93 Crash?

13 Dec. 2001
Contradiction: The telephone companies could prove the phone calls but they don't do - the Israeli monopole of the telephone technique in the "USA"

-- It comes out that all billings are kept secret

-- it comes out that 90% of the inner "American" telephone traffic between telephone companies is going over one single billing company, the AMDOC, with Jewish software from Israel with the central operator in Israel (p.128)

In: Carl Cameron Investigates: All US Phone Call Records And Billing Done IN Israel. Part 2; In: Fox 12-13-1; In:


-- it could be the main channel of the Mossad espionage for telephone calls, fax, e-mails and computer connections

-- policy and media in the "USA" are silent about this object

-- the responsibles of placing which have given all to the AMDOC can be silent as long as they are not put under pressure by the "US" regime (p.128).


5 March 2002
"USA": The automatic telephone monitoring and the espionage by the IL company Comverse Infosys is revealed

with it's activities to help culprits as escape agent from espionage and drug matters (p.128-129).


Results of the investigation about impossible mobile telephone calls in heights of airliners

-- telephone calls by mobile phones over a height of 2,000 m are not possible
-- to install a connection with a mobile phone over a height of 700 m is not possible (p.123.260).

In: A.K. Dewdney: "Project Achille" Report, Part Two; February 25th 2003 [25.2.2003]

By this is proved that all mobile telephone calls from the airplane no. 4 UA 93 are a fake (p.122-123).

[And not only this, but all maintained cell calls from flying airliners are a lie].

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-- Logo of the technical telephone company COMVERSE: (2010)
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