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The fraud of 11 September 2001

15. Cui bono? -
war maniacs of the "USA" and cover-up:

                      Scull and Bones with numerical symbolism 322 for
                      political speech in memory of Demosthenes: There
                      is no good spirit under this logo...  The Scull and Bones
                          figure symbolism 322 for political speech in
                          memory of Demosthenes: The politicians of the
                          "USA" have become blind of his own
                          nationalism with flags...
The Scull and Bones with numerical symbolism 322 for political speech in memory of Demosthenes:
There is no good spirit under this logo...

The attacks of 11 September benefit the war addicted "American" regime -

Skull and Bones and Free Masonry - numbers of passengers -

the cover-up strategy of the White House -

Muslim scapegoats -

technical contradictions

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2010)

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-- Andreas von Bülow: CIA and the 11 September. International Terror an The Role Of the Secret Services
[orig.: Die CIA und der 11.September. Internationaler Terror und die Rolle der Geheimdienste. Piper-Verlag. Munich / Zurich 2003]
-- other Internet resources

Results of 11 September

-- in the WTC towers 45,000 people got work (p.216)

-- there are about 2,700 victims, relatively little because many had not arrived for work yet

-- victims are above all the service provider preparing the working time, doormen, clerks, cleaning people, elevator staff, safety staff

-- when it had been the plan to destroy the finance center the attack had been between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

-- it was the aim of the attacks to save the finance power and this stands out (p.211)

-- the bank companies Morgan Stanley and Oppenheim Stocks [lead by Jews] rented over 50 floors each and had not one single dead victim (p.213)

In: Peter Bonnell: World Trade Center Part IV; TIDBITS, 10/28/01 [28 Oct. 2001]

-- all in all there is only one single Jewish victim: A Jew who was a visitor in the WTC

-- so there is a suspicion of a manipulation of the Jewish secret service Mossad (p.216)

-- Bülow means Mossad had warned the Jewish companies (p.213-214) [and the others not!]

-- the floors where the impacts happened seem to be precisely elected to spare certain companies, and to hit parts of the WTC with empty floors: That's again a strategy of the little victim rate (p.211-212).

[But any victim of 11 September is too much, and there are further victims after 11 September].

since 11 Sep. 2001
The Bush regime maintains having known nothing about the attacks

->> so the whole world is astonished

->> FBI, CIA and government representatives swear "holy oaths" that before 11 September 2001 had been only unclear, general indications and having known nothing before (p.167).

[This is easy to give a wrong oath when it's the government itself giving the wrong oath].

since 11 Sep. 2001
Thesis of Bülow: The "US" regime had used 19 Muslims as scapegoats for the murder blast action which set the whole world into panic


-- first the Bush regime maintains they had no idea of the attacks before

-- then there are lists with alleged assassins presented with 19 alleged assassins at one time

-- this assassin theory against Muslims is defended against all other possible variations which are coming out of the investigations (p.155).

since 11 Sep. 2001
Anthrax attacks as a diversion for the whole "USA"
-- by the anthrax attacks the criminalistics of the "USA" are diverted of the attacks againt the WTC (p.169)
-- suddenly the investigation about supply of vaccines gets highest priority (p.170).

-- David Ensor: CIA Admits Using Anthrax But Claim No Link To Letters; In: CNN Washington Bureau, 17 Dec. 2001

-- Elaine Zacky: FBI Implicated In Anthrax Mailings Cover-Up; In: Tetrahedron Publishing Group. News Release, 3 Jan. 2002

since 11 Sep. 2001
Claim of the "US" Bush regime:
Comparison with Pearl Harbor 1941 - terrorism of the Arab word should be the main danger for the World

-- the Bush regime maintains a new "Pearl Harbor" and claims the unconditional following in the inner country as of the foreign countries: "Who is not with us is against us and protects terrorism" (p.236)

-- suddenly there are many informations about terrorism available and the "US" regime wants to know who did what (p.7)

-- all Al Kaida tracks are ranked as terrorist tracks though the contents partly do not match together, and so all tracks seem to be a fake

-- for secret services it's a simple thing to fake hard disks, videos and tapes (p.75).

The own actions and attacks against the peoples of the world "USA" never recognizes as terrorism, for example the  financing of Communism by "US" banks and Communism in Europe since 1917 with all bad consequences, Korea, Vietnam etc.].

since 11 Sep. 2001
Criticism against the "US" regime is not wanted - destruction of evidence - obstruction of investigations

-- the "American" society puts the main question how the "USA" had been attacked by 19 Muslim assassins and compares the case with Pearl Harbor 1941 where the Roosevelt regime also pretended having known nothing about it (p.170)

-- the people claims for investigations about the failure of the secret services and claims for a modification of the secret services (p.171)

-- but "American" media do not want to put critical questions (p.9-10)

-- the "American" media admit to be involved in the tactics of the official disinformation (p.11)

-- Bush and vice president Cheney limit the investigation, among others even by resolutions of the congress (p.171)

-- all in all the official authorities resist to a thorough reconnaissance (p.204)

-- the circumstances about the construction of a "leader's bunker" in building no.7 are never cleared up (p.206)

-- a big part of the evidence is removed as fast as possible! (p.10)

-- on the WTC site it's forbidden to make fotos by the police and if there is someone taking fotos there is a sudden arrest and the fotos are deleted

->> but computer specialists can restore the deleted fotos of digital cameras and can put them into the Internet despite the censorship (p.164).

since 11 Sep. 2001
Bush dismounts democracy in "USA"

Possibly there is a telephone monitoring at the father of Atta at Cairo

->> there had to be all calls monitored (p.102)

In: Al-Ahram Weekly Online. Issue No. 553; 27 Sep. -3 Oct. 2001

Cover-up: The numerical symbolism of "Skull and Bones": 322 and 9-11

The whole state's system of the "USA" is based on secret communities of Free Masons and Illuminates. The  "Skull and Bones" are the student's group of it, and no one can make a political career in the "USA" without being a member of this group. Elements of the group are magic, satanism and numerical symbolism etc.

By this a clear connection is found between the foundation number of "Skull and Bones" "322" and "911":

The Scull and Bones with numerical
                                symbolism 322 for political speech:
                                There is no good spirit under this
                                logo... Skull and Bones, numerical symbolism
                              322 and 911: 3 by 3 = 9 + 2 = 11
The Scull and Bones with numerical symbolism 322 for political speech: There is no good spirit under this logo...
3 by 3 = 9 + 2 = 11 (June 2005)

Let's see what Wikipedia writes about 322 and 911 of Skull and Bones:

"Skull and Bones paid obeisance to Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence, who took her place in the pantheon upon the death of the orator Demosthenes, in 322 B.C., and who is said to have returned in a kind of Second Coming on the occasion of the society's inception. Today the numerical symbolism number 322, recalling the date of Demosthenes' death, appears on society stationery. The number has such mystical overtones that in 1967 a graduate student with no ties to Skull and Bones donated $ 322,000 to the society.

The number 322 has also been a particular favorite of conspiracy-minded hunters for evidence of Skull and Bone's global connections. It was the combination to Averell Harriman's briefcase when he carried classified dispatches between London and Moscow during World War II. Antony C. Sutton claims that 322 doubles as a reminder of the society's mother organization in Germany; the American group, founded in 1832, is the second chapter -- thus 32-2 [?].

With the number 322 can be developed the number 911: 3 by 3 = 9 + 2 = 11. So Porsche 911, the WTC blast on 9-11 and the emergency telephone number "911" in the "USA" are no coincidence but the work of political groups coming from Skull and Bones which feel like [stupid] students also when they are in power."

(In: (September 2006)

[So: The terror system of the "US" regime pretends to the public that the terrorism of Free Masonry would be a "help" for the public. But the lodge of Free Masonry with the student's lodge "Skull and Bones" are only friends and helpers up to the self-destruction without having grown up].

The speculations about Muslim pilots

-- German authorities maintain that Marwan Al-Shehhi had steered an airliner into the South tower

-- German authorities maintain that Marwan Al-Shehhi would be a cousin or a nephew of Mohammed Atta (p.107)

-- but at the same time experienced fighting jet pilots confirm the impossibility of such a "strong correction" of the flight line for not educated pilots

-- the centrifugal forces would make all passengers unconscious and only pressure suits would help, so the pilot had also been unconscious within before the end of the turn and would not have been able to commit any precise crime (p.195)

since 11 Sep. 2001
Cui bono? - The worldwide allegations against Muslims benefit Israel and the "USA"

-- the attack with the allegations against Muslims benefit Israel and "USA" directly

-- in the Jewish media in Israel Arafat is set on the same level with the alleged "Muslim terrorists", and also Jewish politicians in Israel are saying this

-- the media in Israel maintain again a balance with the Muslim world would not be possible

-- the censorship in Israel is heavy and underlines the fate by suicide attacks but not the fate of Palestinians by settler's activities and by the Jewish Army (p.215)

-- the CNN disinformation about the laughing Palestinians comes for the Israel imperialists at the right time as an argument to blame the Palestinians in sweeping statements (p.215).

FBI maintains many of the alleged Muslim assassins had residence with stolen passports
and only Mohammed Atta had used an original passport with his original name and had left precise tracks (p.107)

in: Atta Emerging as Potential Link; In: Fox, 25 Sep. 2001

So, there would not be any possibility to backtrack the other alleged assassins because they would be listed with wrong names on the passenger's lists].

since 11 Sep. 2001 approx.
Testimonies: The collapse of the WTC towers was a controlled blast

-- the Boeing airplanes cannot have been the reason for the WTC collapse because the construction had endured all storms until 11 September which had been much stronger than an airplane impact (working surface for a storm: 64.300 m2) (p.113)

-- pressure and heat are not enough to bring the towers to a collapse, a professor for structural analysis says (p.113)

In: "Explosives Planted In Towers", New Mexico Tech Expert Says; In: Internet:, published in 14 Sep. 2001, later it was deleted (p.113)

-- some people mean kerosene alone cannot have melted the big masses of steal all at the same time at all decisive spots and made the steel soft and brittle (p.113)

[because then it would be very cheap to bring down steel structured buildings by kerosene and it would be deployed all over the world, but this is not the case]

-- maximum temperature for burning kerosene according to Bülow is 375°C
-- steel melts from 1,300°C upwards
-- steel looses stability from 1800°C upwards (p.114).

Building no. 6 has got an enormous crater on aerial fotos
and yet the steel structure is standing upright partly (p.164).

Destruction of important proofs at the WTC
Decisive steel structure parts are not kept for an investigation but they are recycled soon (p.114).

In: Testimony of Prof. Astaneh-Asl from the university of Berkeley before the science commission of the House of Representatives at Washington D.C.; In: Eric Hufschmid: Painful Questions; An Analysis of the September 11 Attack, p.1-2

Hindrance and restriction of investigations at the WTC rubble

-- critical, bearing steel parts are removed before the investigations can start

-- to take steel probes is forbidden to the investigators! (p.114)

-- the investigations are hindered instead of promoted (p.155)

-- some critical steel parts are removed even before the investigations can start

-- the investigators have no right to sequestrate steel parts for the investigation to prevent an early recycling

-- by this important proofs are lost: The massive steel beams which had been probably manipulated cannot be investigated anymore (p.155,156).

In: Report of the science committee of the House of Representatives about the expert's hearing on 6 March 2002

-- the New York Times claims the representatives of the town of New York for information who gave the order for the early removal of the rubble and who was responsible for the early recycling, and there is no answer!

-- the
fact-finding commission gets a ridiculous little budget (p.114)

In: Testimony of Professor Corbett from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice

-- for a long time the experts of the fact-finding commission are forbidden to have access to the construction plans of the WTC (p.114-115)

-- the law enforcement agencies let themselves push away by the arbitrary prohibitions so more and more manipulations are possible (p.115).

Manipulations at the WTC bearing beams: The steel is melted, holes like Emmentaler cheese

In the basement of the towers at the anchors in the rock steel is found which was melted with high temperatures and had been changed in his crystalline structure and had partly holes in the kind of Emmentaler cheese (p.150).

In: WPI transformations: The Deep Mystery of Melted Steel; Spring 2002

Voice recorders are kept secret
-- only from the alleged Pentagon airplane and the alleged Pensilvania airplane the voice recorders are found, but they are allegedly without any record

-- until now (2003) any radio communication between the ground stations and the pilots is kept secret (p.189)

In: u.a.: Donn de Grand Pré: The Enemy is inside the Gates - Commercial Jets as guided Missiles.

11.-12 Sep. 2001
The Bush regime promises to present the proofs for the deed and for the alleged culprits
and promises to bring the backers to trial (p.165-166).

11.-15 Sep. 2001 approx.
The "American" and the European press takes over mostly the enemy picture against the alleged Arab assassins

and the doubts and the inconsistencies are hardly presented [though all four Boeing airplanes are missing!]

-- the many tracks in Europa and in the "USA" are presented as proofs

-- but there is no convincing proof that Bin Laden would be the culprit, but the delinquent is "presumed" as it was in 1993, 1996/7 and in 2000 already (p.70).

[So all is a political agitation against Muslim world since 1993 and all bomb attacks are the work of CIA manipulating the mood of the world against Arabs, but the Mickey Mouse mentality of the "USA" accepts this manipulation, and the newspapers make money with it].

12 Sep. 2001: The headless mass media and their headlines about a war against "USA"
Headless headlines in
                          Switzerland claiming that there is a war
                          against "USA". But there is no
                          Boeing in the whole of the tower...
Headless headlines in Switzerland claiming that there is a war against "USA". But there is no Boeing in the whole of the tower... (June 2005)
Headless headline in the
                          "USA", showing a cartoon of five
                          different cartoons of the second impact.
WTC: Schlagzeile "Act of War" der NYPost am 12.September 2001, aber die Boeing ist viel zu klein

Headless headline in the "USA", showing a cartoon of five different cartoons of the second impact. (June 2005)

12 Sep. 2001
"American" media maintain that Osama bin Laden and a group of "Al Kaida" (Arab: "Base") would be the main manipulator
-- this would be a network of international, Muslim terrorists
-- already the attack on the WTC in 1993 shall be based on Osama bin Laden (p.66)

12 Sep. 2001
The alleged passport of Mohammed Atta is allegedly said to be found in a distance of
about  8 blocks from WTC
The FBI maintains this would be a proof for Atta's delinquent in the airliner AA 11.

The finding of the passport of Mohammed Atta who should have been an assassin in an airplane is impossible, because the passport had burnt and had been converted into dust as all other furniture and paper in the WTC towers (p.99).

-- there is no person who declares he / she would be the finder!
-- but the official direction of investigation is going on against Mohammed Atta (p.99).

In: Atta Emerging as Potential Link;, 25 Sep. 2001

12 Sep. 2001
Professional pilots state in the Washington Post that it would be impossible for hobby pilots perform such an attack

-- the Pentagon airplane had have steered by experienced pilots
-- the pilots had to know how to turn off the transponders

-- a hobby pilot of a free pilot school cannot have known this

-- also the alleged WTC airplanes could have been steered only by experienced pilots (p.54)

-- the flights which the attack airplanes had performed are extremely elaborated and according to many fighting jet pilots this kind of flights cannot be performed by hobby pilots with a bad education (p.60).

The contradiction:
The pilot education of the alleged assassins had hardly been successful, so these persons could hardly have been competent to steer Boeing airliners into the WTC and into the Pentagon (p.54-55).

since 12 Sep. 2001
Air defense: Such a case had been unimaginable
The comment of a former air controller of the air defense says

-- Andrews Air Base near Washington had been always ready to intercept any striking, non communicative airplane in a radius of 500 km in the District of Columbia within a maximum of 9 minutes with ultrasonic

-- within 2 minutes an interceptor fighting jet can be on his flight (p.176).

In: Flight 93 Timeline

Since 1972 the worldwide defense devices are trained on airplane attacks
and just on 11 Sep. 2001 this defense should not have functioned... (p.177)

since 12 Sep. 2001
London and Moscow claim an optimal air defense - the "US" air defense is embarrassed

Air force circles in London maintain that an airplane hijacked at London Heathrow would be catched before reaching the center of London already. The same reports the Russian commander-in-chief about the Russian air defense [about Moscow] (p.177).

-- Blair Controls Response to Hijack; In: London Times, 29 Sep. 2001
-- Commander-in-Chief of Russian Air Force, Anatoli Kornukov; In: Pravda Online, 12 Sep. 2001.

It comes out that the "American" air defense has totally failed, resp. according to Bülow the failure is "inconceivable until today" (p.177).

[And this bad "US" Mickey Mouse government wants to have help against terror when there is no sure evidence for Arab delinquent and proofs for a delinquent of the "American" government itself are hidden in 1,000s of cases? Impossible...]

since 12 Sep. 2001
The Bush regime emphatically spreads the heroic story about the alleged flight UA 93 at Shanksville

beneath president Bush, minister of justice Ashcroft, FBI boss Mueller and other high ranked representatives of the regime

-- and all "US" media play the game

according to official sources the New York Times maintains that there could be heard a wild fight on the voice recorder and this had obviously resulted in the crash of the airplane, but the official source is kept anonymous (p.126)

In: New York Times 22 Nov. 2001

at the same time:
4th alleged airplane: The reason for the [alleged] crash of UA 93 remains unclear
but it is further on only to presume, the journal "Vanity Fair" writes (p.126).

FBI concerning Moussaoui: A new claim for a house search at alleged Muslim extremists is rejected again
-- the rejection comes from the headquarter of the FBI this time
-- the headquarter of the FBI maintains that the notice of Moussaoui in Minnesota had been probably "by pure chance" (p.50).

13 Sep. 2001
The war declaration against "Terrorism"
Bush maintains this would be the "war of the new century"

-- president Bush gives his war declaration for a war for years against terrorism (p.236) and he himself, Bush, he would lead the "USA" to the victory (p.67)

-- the new "enemy" would be even worse than the Soviet Union before (p.237)

-- the longly projected Afghanistan campaign will be retrospectively justified by the attacks of the 11 September (p.241).

-- the Soviet Union was financed by "US" banks, so the "USA" had nursed their own enemy
-- the new terrorist is Bush's regime itself, so this is a war declaration for free wars in the world without any reason
-- Bush is playing here his computer games in the real world].

What the Soviet Union had never done Al Kaida with desert fighters and hobby Cessna pilots should have realized: an attack on the "USA" at New York, with exclusion of all defense measures and secret services of the "USA". This is justi impossible (p.237).

The psychological warfare of the Bush Free Masonry government has it's first victory: The "US" population is "ready" for war

-- there is a catalytic effect to be ready for war in the "US" population (p.247)

-- vice president Cheney and Defence secretary Rumsfeld claim that at least 60 states would give shelter to terror cells and there would be a "long fight" (p.67)

-- vice president Cheney admits it would be another World War against up to 60 states (p.236).

Add to this Collin Powell maintains that Osama bin Laden would be the main suspicious and he had even called with his mother on 10th of September; later this is corrected: It was his stepmother (p.67) [but this is no evidence for a terror activity].

The second Defence secretary Wolfowitz means that an effective, military campaign would be necessary (p.67).

From now on the argument of the 11 September 2001 is fully used by the "US" regime:

-- the Bush regime implements an expansion program for the Near East and Middle East

-- the Bush regime lets pay it's war program by the tax money (p.230)

-- the aim before the 11 September are put into effect (p.231-232)

-- the military costs are raised from 300 to 400 bn. $ (p.236).

The strategy of the Bush regime follows the Brzezinski book of 1993

with the claim that the dominance of the axis from Siberia over Caucasus by the Caspian Basin over Iran and the Persian Gulf to the Arab peninsula would be decisive (p.225). The end justifies the means, and the "allies" partly are following, with an open language, directly and brutally (p.226).

[This means:
-- president Bush is not thinking at all one single thought alone
-- he is not at all a leader
-- he is a clown of his staff members]

at the same time:
The deliberate scaremongering for diverting the society in the "USA", IL and GB

-- alleged telephone calls of the Al Kaida network are published as alleged proofs for a threat

-- there is the claim that the "USA" would be threatened by atomic, chemistry and biological weapons

-- the populations of the "USA", of Israel and of England are terrified deliberately (p.237)

-- the political "elite" of the "USA" is also propagating for the war (p.246).

at the same time:
Hearing before the Senate
Hearing of the chairman of the United chiefs of staff, general Richard B. Myers - the fake about the air defense: At once started - reached the target too late

Myers states that only after the impact on the Pentagon the first fighter jets of the "US" air defense had started. Reaction:

-- the senators and the congress members are astonished

-- at once there is made a new version about the NORAD air defense  to cover-up the violability of the "USA":

oo  now is written the fighting jets had started at once
oo  but the fighting jets had reached their location too late (p.112).

at the same time:
Blair - Schroeder - invocation of the mutual defense guarantee of NATO
Blair is looking through the "evidence" against Al Kaida and Bin Laden and claims there would be no doubt concerning the suspicion and the proofs
and Schroeder looks through the "evidence" for 1/2 an hour and is not allowed to take any notes.

->> Then Schroeder declares in spite of his restricted rights the "unlimited solidarity" of Germany with the "USA" against the terror

-- and "USA" request for the mutual defense guarantee in NATO
-- and NATO declares also the mutual defense guarantee (p.68).

[So the most important terrorist, President Bush with his CIA (who destructed WTC with little unmanned aerial vehicles and wit blasts) is pulling whole NATO into his false war against terror, and they are spending money for nothing, they are destroying cities for nothing, and they are wasting mental forces for nothing, nothing, nothing].

Publication of the passenger lists without Arab names of the alleged assassins

-- on the passenger lists is registered not one single Arab name (p.76-92)

-- and the alleged terrorists have not used other names either because otherwise the real person had answered alive

-- and fantasy names had been very suspicious (p.93).

The differences on the passenger's lists
The total number of the listed persons in the airplanes is differing from the detailed passenger lists. This indicates that ominous persons had obviously been on board without have been listed, even when one considers the alleged assassins:

Total number and number of persons on board of the alleged attack Boeing airplanes of 9-11 2001, list 1


person registered on board

first list of names: number


alleged number of terrorists

unknown  persons on board

American Airlines (AA) flight no. 11






United States Airlines (UA) flight no. 175






American Airlines flight no. 77






United Airlines flight no. 93







The differences remain unclear (p.98)! After this there is published another passenger list, but also then there remain unknown persons:

Total number and number of persons on board of the alleged attack Boeing airplanes of 9-11 2001, list 2


person registered on board

second list of names: number


alleged number of terrorists

unknown  persons on board

American Airlines (AA) flight no. 11






United States Airlines (UA) flight no.  175






American Airlines flight no.  77






United Airlines flight no.  93







-- all media and secret services are not interested in these differences

-- FBI and Bush regime are silent

-- the airlines refer to the FBI, and by this the circle of the non-responsibility is closed (p.99).

7 of the alleged assassins are living yet - and the media are not interested in

-- this is found out by BBC, Independent, Daily Mirror and Arab newspapers

-- they are going from point to point making interviews with the alleged persons, the photos from the interviews are in the Internet (p.93)

In: Seven of the WTC Hijackers found alive! In: Al-Ahram Weekly, Weekly online with cross references

-- but the FBI and the European and the "American" media keep aside the question of the passenger list and of the culprit list though there is a mistake quota of 37 % with 7 from 19 (p.93)

-- daily newspaper "Chicago Tribune" admits certain doubt of higher ranked FBI officials and refers to an AFP report in the Taipei Times (title of the report is: "FBI probing if some or all hijackers used stolen Ids" (p.259)

-- so, there is the question who had composed the list with the alleged Muslim culprits which was presented by CNN on 11 September in the afternoon - nobody is asking for this (p.93-94).

IL: Terrorist Sharon maintains the Palestinians and above all Arafat would be accomplices of Bin Laden
and declares Bin Laden as terror enemy no.1 in the Near East, without any evidence (p.69).

at the same time:
Afghanistan's Taliban threat with revenge in the case of an attack against Afghanistan

13 Sep. -16 Sep. 2001
The "US" media declare Bin Laden and Afghanistan more and more to a center of terror - expansion of the terror charge also against the Palestinians - strategy
(p.117). For the Bush regime the chase of Bin Laden is a pretext for an Afghanistan invasion to realize the strategic plan to control the region of China, India and Pakistan (p.223).

since 13 Sep. 2001
The Bush regime hides itself behind the claim of 12th September that Muslims were the assassins

at the same time:
It comes out: The "US" secret services were warned - the Bush government imposes total censorship about the attacks of 11 September 2001

-- from all Europe are indications, and also from IL and from Asia that the "US" regime had known of the threat of the attacks and that the Bush regime had not done anything for the protection of the population

-- from now on the Bush regime is hiding behind the indication that  a publication of documents would give the enemy an access into the methods, sources and connections and by this reason the documents had to be kept secret

->> according to Bülow this is an effective but clumsy and shiftless method of censorship (p.166).

-- Patrick Martin: Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack? 16 Jan. 2002
-- Bundesnachrichtendienst BND: Full English Text Of The German Intelligence Report. We have it. In: Internet

since 13 Sep. 2001 approx.
Questioning: Teachers, working mates and the landlord deny any radical element of Mohammed Atta and his group

But the investigators who are not far from secret service claim normal persons could not rate this, because "rowdies" would move in an inconspicuous way in the society. the investigators deny the knowledge of human nature of all witnesses (p.105).

The letters and the farewell letters are not corresponding with the style of letters of the culprits they had written until 11 September (p.106).

14 Sep. 2001
The alleged assassins of the "US" Department of Justice is published
with Arab names, with alibi names, with curriculum vitae, all are people of Arab origin (p.66).

14 Sep. 2001
FBI chief Robert S.Mueller claims, Muslim pilot pupils would not be "new" for him


"It's clear that the tragedies astonish and give a shock to me and to the country. The fact that a number of (p.53) individuals could get education in pilot schools here in this country seems to be obviously new for me. When we had known this we had..., one perhaps had been able to prevent this. But beyond this I am astonished of the big tragedy as everybody is." (p.54)

In: New York Times, 31 May 2002, S. A18

14 Sep. 2001
President Bush is praying with four former presidents in the National Cathedral at Washington

[This makes always a good impression when a world terrorist is praying with other world terrorists].

14 Sep. 2001
Son Mohammed Atta calls from Hamburg his father Atta in Cairo - faked foto of the check-in

-- these are the indications of father Atta, an attorney, at Cairo, and the son Atta is going on studying at Hamburg (p.96)

-- according to father Atta the monitoring fotos at Portland of son Mohammed Atta are a fake (p.96)

-- as the telephone of father Atta had probably monitored since 11 September 2001 there should be a record of the telephone call

->> the FBI is silent in this matter with the reason of "command to secrecy ... a publication [would give] access to the methods and the device of the secret services." (p.102)

In: Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 27 Sep. -3 Oct. 2001

In the "USA" several Mohammed Attas are registered
All in all the "American" immigration board has registrations several Mohammed Attas and does not see any need of investigation with is (p.97).

No one of the alleged Muslim assassins can have passed a check-in because they are not on the passenger lists
Because no one of the alleged assassins is on the passenger lists no one of the can have checked in within the check in procedure, and most likely the monitoring foto from Portland is a fake (p.97).

15 Sep. 2001
Pakistan's government gives in to the "USA" to support the "USA" in case of war against Afghanistan

15 Sep. 2001
"USA": Foreign Secretary Powell promises the publishing of the "proofs" against Bin Laden and the alleged 19 Arab assassins

Foreign Secretary Powell allows
                      to become an instrument of the Bush lie policy.
Foreign Secretary Powell allows to become an instrument of the Bush lie policy. (June 2005)

"USA" requires the delivery of Bin Laden: Pakistani agents are transmitting the request at Kabul to the Taliban leadership with the threat there would be an attack otherwise
->> the Taliban leadership indicates a resolution of the religious wise men has to be respected (p.67)

until 15 Sep. 2001
"USA": The picture of the enemy against "Arab kidnappers" can be fixed without any evidence - the new "evil"

-- the propaganda against the alleged "arab kidnappers" is going on and on in the "USA", only on the base of claims of fakable telephone calls without any data proof of any telephone company

-- without reconnaissance of the conversational partners but only by indirect transmission of the contents of the calls over a third person (p.130).

->> this indicates that this must be a wrong track of CIA
->> this indicates that the CIA wants to manipulate the whole world's public against Muslim culture (p.130-131).

->> the alleged Muslims around Osama bin Laden are the new "evil" for "US" policy, bin Laden is a mean to polarize the "US" policy (p.226), claiming generally 10,000 Muslim "freedom fighters", and also the Taliban shall represent the "evil" (p.227)

->> the stupefied, "American" and European, TV controlled mass societies are following the claims (p.229).

Claim of the media world: The attacks had been a precise Arab conspiracy with short knives
-- the "American" media world claims the crew had surrendered to card knifes or plastic knifes
-- but the defense is absolutely possible with handbags, little suitcases, blankets (p.131)

-- at inquiry nobody on the world knows where the word "carpet knife" comes from
-- the government's representatives are spreading the thesis on and on but cannot find any source (p.131).

[Mickey Mouse "America" shall have been attacked by card or plastic knifes...]

Plastic knifes and card knifes are not classified as weapons up to 11 September - the insurances have not to pay

-- plastic knifes and card knifes can be defended skilfully during the fight education of the pilots

-- until 11 September such knifes never were sequestrated in airplanes

-- thesis of Bülow: The plastic and card knifes shall be the weapons of the alleged hijackers to discharge the personal control and to reject insurance claims of the airlines (p.133)

-- by this the airlines are "innocent" and there cannot be performed a process against the airlines

-- at a process the airlines had been able to turn the whole attack of the 11 September in an other way because according to the passenger lists not one single Arab was on board (p.133).

15 Sep. 2001
Justice secretary Ashcroft presents card knifes and all have to believe on the card knives
Ashcroft word by word:

"The investigators believe that every of the hijacked airplanes was hijacked by a group of 3 to 6 men with the help of card knifes and plastic knifes." (p.131).

                    Justice secretary Ashcroft surrenders to the lie
                    policy of terrorist Bush.
Also Justice secretary Ashcroft surrenders to the lie policy of terrorist Bush. (June 2005)

15 Sep. 2001
Bush escalation: Postulation for a long, grim war against the "terrorists"

The State Department threats to isolate all states and governments which shelter and promote "terrorists" (p.67).

[Well, considering this Bush should eliminate himself first and then the war would end soon].

15 Sep. 2001 / days after 11 Sep. 2001
Foto manipulation in CNN against Palestinians: There is a technical correction in a little report
TV station CNN confesses that Palestinians have not laughed about the fires in the WTC but they were in a joy when sweets were given, and that there was a manipulation of two different films. But the culprits of CNN who had provoked the damage of the reputation of the Palestinians are not persecuted.
The character assassination to the Palestinians is not avenged (p.20).

GB: "Report" with the claim that Al Kaida would be the guilt and that the Taliban would cover Al Kaida
and the report is saying further on:
-- any time also GB could be a target (p.172)
-- but there is never shown one single evidence "with regard to the safety of similar sources" (p.173).

[So once again the secret services of anglo saxon race make an other secret, and there will be attacks in England which are organized by the secret services. More criminal is not possible...]

15 Sep. 2001 approx. / some days after 11 Sep. 2001
The White House denies the indication that the alleged terrorists knew the secret code of the president's airplane

but the report is printed only in a little article within the last pages (p.21).

since 15 Sep. 2001 approx.
Osama bin Laden reaffirms his innocence - president Bush does not want to know anything about an innocence of Bin Laden

In: Interview of Osama bin Laden in the newspaper Ummat at Karachi: "Usama bin Laden Says the Al-Qu'idah Group had Nothing to Do with the 11 September Attacks"

at the same time:
Almost all states of the world declare solidarity in the fight against terrorism

[At the end the result comes out that "USA" are terrorist no.1...]

16 Sep. 2001
Rumsfeld maintains the alleged hijackers had used plastic knifes
in FoxNews (p.131).

17 Sep. 2001 approx.
Afghanistan: Decision of the council of the religious wise men: They request Bin Laden to leave the country

17 Sep. 2001 approx.
"USA": Powell maintains that the proofs would be of interest of state
and resigns the "publishing" of the proofs against the 19 alleged Arabs. Add to this the proofs would be not sufficient for an "American" tribunal (p.68).

17 Sep. 2001
FBI chief Mueller maintains that the FBI has not known anything of the coming attack

"There was no warning indication for me which could have foreseen such an operation in this country." (p.54)

In: New York Times, 31 May 2002, S. A18

Also FBI chief Mueller pretends to be
Also FBI chief Mueller pretends to be naive. (June 2005)

19 Sep. 2001
"USA" transfer more "American" airplanes to their bases in the region of the Gulf - plus: Increase of the number of war ships

20 Sep. 2001 approx./ shortly after the attacks
Saudi Arabia's Ministry of the Interior, prince Saud al Faisal, can discharge 5 of the alleged Muslims on the culprit list with president Bush
According to an examination of the personal data these 5 Arabs can be discharged of any suspicion (p.94).

Saud al Faisal
Saud al Faisal (June 2005)

This is not acceptable for the terrorist Bush government and they have the following measure:

20 Sep. up to the end of 2004 approx.
"US" justice authorities and police authorities reject further inspections of records to the Saudi authorities
By this the other alleged culprits cannot be justified Saudi authorities say (p.94).

20 Sep. 2001 approx.
Alleged assassins give signs of life: Saeed Alghamdi, Mohand Alshehri, Abdul Aziz Alomari, Salem Alhamzi
so reported by the newspaper Orlando Sentinel (Florida) after a talk with the Saudi embassy. The affected get in touch with the authorities to protest against the mention on the list of culprits:

Saeed Alghamdi: well educated pilot, from Dec 2000 - September 2001 stationed at Tunis, together with 22 other pilots, all working for the preparation to fly an airbus 320 (p.95-96)

Mohand Alshehri: Employee of Air Maroc at Casablanca, calls on the "American" embassy on 22th September 2001 (report AP), attended a pilot course in May 2001 approx. at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; report in the English Daily Trust, Daily Telegraph, BBC (p.95)

Abdul Aziz Alomari:
-- one reports himself as pilot of Saudi Air (in: Independent, 17 Sep. 2001)
-- an other reports himself as an electrical engineer who had been educated at Denver and his passport had been stolen there, and he had no idea how to steer an airplane; report in: New York Times and on 23 Sep. 2001 in BBC (p.95)

Salem Alhamzi: He returned from holiday on 11 September and began his work in the petro chemistry, he possessed his documents, and his name on the list is an absolute nonsense; report in the  Telegraph 23 Sep. 2001 (p.96)

Khalid Al-Mihdhar
shall be the 5th Saudi assassin [the other come from Arab states], but he cannot be determined nowhere in Saudi-Arabia that he had existed. BBC London presumes that Al-Mihdhar had left London before 11 September (BBC 23 Sep. 2001). Arab newspapers presume he would be alive yet (p.94-95).

21 Sep. 2001
German authorities indicate longer stays of the 19 blamed Muslims in Germany

28 Sep. 2001
Bin Laden condemns the attacks of 11 September in the interview of a Pakistani newspaper Ummat of Karachi

-- Bin Laden indicates he never was involved in the attacks of 11 September 2001

-- innocent women and children should not die innocently

-- such actions would be against Islam

-- the "USA" themselves are attacking Muslims in an inhuman way: in Iraq, Chechnya and Bosnia (p.70)

-- the "USA" want to dominate the whole world

-- Bin Laden cannot accept the "American" system but is not against the "American" people

-- the culprits within the system had not died but there had died "simple Americans", and by this the attacks make no sense at all in his eyes

-- the "USA" has to look for the culprits in their own ranks which want the religious war to lead an ideology to victory (p.71).

In: United Press International, 28 Sep. 2001

since 29 Sep. 2001
The printed Bin Laden interviews: In the province press original, in the world press bastardized

In the German province press the interview is printed in the original, but in the world press in Europe and "America" a bastardized version is printed:

oo Bin Laden had been proud of the attacks at New York and Washington
oo Bin Laden would back the attacks
oo Bin Laden would threat the world with more attacks especially against the "USA" and their backers (p.71).

As a source for the faked interview in the world press is indicated a Palestinian living in Afghanistan who maintained he had a friend who had heard how Bin Laden had spoken. Th whole "interview" is an invention by rumours without any proof and it's printed despite of all, and by this the world masses are influenced (p.71).

Videos about Osama bin Laden from Al Jazzera come up like a present for the "USA" - suspicion of fake
-- now there is a wave of videos coming to the world media with an alleged Bin Laden full of hatred
-- experts declare the videos are fakes and have no probative force (p.72)

In: Steven Morris: Special Effects Expert Say Fake OBL Tape Fairly Easy To Make; In: The Guardian, London, 16 Dec. 2001

[Al Jazzera is an "American" TV station in Arab language]

-- Hollywood produces commercial film synchronizations with adopted mouth positions so normal persons cannot detect the fake (p.72-73)

In: Ivan Amato: Lying With Pixels; Juli/August 2000, Internet

-- CIA wants to have detected all in all 10 doubles of Osama bin Laden
-- example of a video fake is a video where Al Kaida is said to have performed experiments with chemical weapons on dogs, but it's an "American" dog race in the video like  "Golden Retriever", so "American" dogs are the victims of the CIA manipulators (p.73).

In: Wag the Gassed Dog, What Really Happened; 19 Aug. 2002

October 2001
Thesis remote control: The thesis of the remote control of the Boeing airplanes is published
by the "American" journalist  Joe Vialls with the indication of a British air flight engineer that the technique of remote control in airplanes had been developed in England in the 1950ies already  (p.189).

in: Joe Vialls: Home Run. Electronically Hijacking the World Trade Center Attack Aircraft; Oct. 2001, latest revision 11 April 2002;

Thesis remote control: The "US" regime and the media are silent about the thesis of remote control - the wrong track against the Muslims is functioning

The "US" government and the media are silent about the possibility of remote controlled airplanes
-- though there is the possibility of the remote control of the attacking airplanes gets more and more obvious
-- though a verification of this thesis would be easy.
->> The silence of the regime and of the media speaks for itself (p.193).

In: Carol A.Valentine: Operation 911 - No Suicide Pilots;

The wrong track of the alleged Muslim assassins covers the culprits in the emergency headquarter in building no. 7 of the WTC (p.206).

End of November 2001 approx.
Enron bankruptcy diverts from 9-11 attacks - Republicans and Democrats stick together

Logo of the ruin of Enron
Logo of the ruin of Enron. (June 2005)

-- the biggest company in the current and gas business of the "USA" failed bankruptcy by fraudulent invented bookings over dummy firms in tax and money laundering paradises

-- highest ranked Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) always had taken Enron for an intact company, and since 1993 Enron had employed 20 CIA and some FBI staff members for the industrial espionage (p.169)

-- Enron manager sell their Enron shares with profit and prohibit  their employees and the retirement funds to sell their interest, too

-- big parts of the Bush regime are involved, but also 70 % of the congress members

->> there is a common element between Republicans and Democrats coming up to stick together by the fear of the state's political breakdown which has a new effect on the investigation of the attacks of 11 September 2001 (p.168)

->> CIA and FBI staff members can go back to CIA and FBI and can find new work there (p.169)

-- Frontline: Bigger than Enron; top Congressional Recipients of Enron Contributions 1989-2001; In: The Center For Responsive Politics
-- search in search machines: Enron + [name of the politician]

Now also the exchange supervisory authority is massively restricted and has to keep secret the Enron speculations
By this the exchange supervisory authority has no chance to prove the insider speculations (p.170).

October 2001 approx.
The alleged farewell letter of Ziad Jarrahi is published by the "investigators"

-- in this alleged letter Ziad Jarrahi claims that he had done what he had had to do

in this alleged letter Ziad Jarrahi claims that his girlfriend could be proud of him: "You should be very proud because this is a honour which will bring fortune for everybody at the end" (p.104).

The letter is a fake and Jarrahi has been murdered after 11 September by the CIA].

since October 2001
Afghanistan: The war against Afghanistan is performed and had been prepared long before
(p.7). This is the beginning of the geopolitic "US" occupation which was planned a long time ago (p.247)

[resp. this is the repetition of colonial policy of England in the 19th century - this is another common destructive action of anglo-Saxon race with the aim of the dominance of the whole world in a "Reich" where the sun never gows down].

[not mentioned:
The geopolitical "US" occupation with military bases began even in Kosovo].

Aims of the "USA"
-- safeguarding of the world dominance
-- containment of the big populations of China and India
-- hindrance of counter powers in Eurasia
-- safeguarding of the oil sources and of the financial power in the world for the "USA" (p.8)

-- the Taliban have reduced the poppy cultivation dramatically
-- but now should be war against the Taliban, the former partner against the Soviet Union
-- the "USA" are focus on the leaders of the North alliance
-- but the North alliance does not represent the ethnic and geographic variety of the country (p.238).

-- the international drug fighting in Afghanistan is dismounted by the "USA" and by the North alliance (p.238).

3 Oct. 2001 approx.
Cairo: Father Atta admits that his son Mohammed has been kidnapped or murdered

In: Al-Ahram Weekly Online. Issue No. 553; 27 Sep. -3 Oct. 2001

9 Oct. 2001
Defense secretary Rumsfeld maintains his plastic knife theory
again and again
Rumsfeld to Dan Rather in CBS News:
-- claim that the airplanes of the attacks of 11 September had been hijacked with plastic knifes
-- claim that the airplanes had been misused as rockets to destroy the WTC (p.131).

November 2001 approx. / some weeks after 11 of September 2001
FBI: Dave Frasca gets a promotion [he becomes FBI manager?]
and gets a bonus (p.53).

at the same time:
Formation of a "reconnaissance group"
The main department heads of FBI and Federal administration are formed in a special group to investigate the 11 September (p.53).

28 Oct. 2001
GB-IL: Leading rabbis claim against new land occupation in Palestinian territories
and claim against Sharon's policy, but only with little echo in the media (p.215).

In: British Jews at odds after rabbi criticizes Israel's "colonialism" policies; In: Independent, 28 Oct. 2001

7 Nov. 2001
Defense secretary Rumsfeld maintains his plastic knife theory
again and again
Rumsfeld to Jim Lehrer at the broadcast station PBS:
-- Rumsfeld claims the airplanes of the attacks of 11 September 2001 had been performed with plastic knifes
-- Rumsfeld claims the plastic knifes would be a device of warfare and this had overrun the imagination of the Bush regime (p.131).

since 7 Nov. 2001
The source for the indication "plastic knife" or "card knife" remains unsearchable
Government spokesman and journalists have always to avow that they do not know where the indication about "plastic knifes" and "card knifes" are coming from (p.132).

The Bush regime becomes not reliable - the wrong tracks of the alleged Muslim assassins
-- all in all the crime procedure with plastic knives cannot be believed as it is claimed by the Bush regime
-- the state's investigations are brilliant in sluttery and onesideness
-- there is confirmed more and more the suspicion that the alleged 19 assassins are a wrong track (p.132).

11 Nov. 2001 approx. / 2 months after 11 September 2001
About the 4th alleged Boeing airplane: Newsweek presents the alleged "heroic fight" of flight 93: A copy of the "voice recorder" of UA 93

-- this presentation of the "heroes of flight 93" would be good for a film (p.126)

-- the passengers are presented as "civilian soldiers" who had resisted against tyranny like their ancestors (p.126-127)

-- Newsweek maintains a victory of the "USA" by the passengers from UA 93: "By their boldness and by their death the passengers and the crew of flight 93 fulfill the victory for all of us." (p.127)

In: John Carlin: Unanswered Questions: The mystery of Flight 93, Shanksville; 13 Aug. 2002

25 Nov. 2001
Afghanistan: Opium poppy cultivation for the financing of the campaign of the "USA"

-- 80% of the heroine reach Europe

-- the heroine addicted people are financing the Afghanistan war by their consumption of heroine

-- indirectly the Afghanistan war is also financed by the drug-related crimes of the drug addicted

-- the "USA" protect the "warlords" and weakens by this the central government at Kabul which has no power outside of Kabul (p.238).

In: Paul Harris: The Heroin Factor: Victorious warlords set to open the opium floodgates; In: The Observer, 25 Nov. 2001.

25 Dec. 2001
New York Times: Investigation about the recycling: The responsibles keep quiet
The New York Times reports that it would be impossible to question the responsibles who had ordered the removal of the WTC rubble:

"The leading staff at the office of the prime mayor resigns for three days to give answers to written and oral questions who had taken the resolution to supply the steel to a recycling, and what would be said to the concern that by this could be interfered the investigation of the reasons." (p.156)

->> this news provokes a big anger in the victim families and also at the engineers

->> the prime mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, maintains that there would be better ways for an investigation and appeals to the computer simulation instead of a taking evidence (p.156).

In:, 24 Jan. 2002

2002 [-2004]
Terrorist Sharon is going on with the uprooting of Palestinians in the occupied territories

-- terrorist Sharon means he could put into effect his imperialist goals and the robbery of land by settler communities by financial trap methods and with the WTC attack in his back

-- Israeli courts do not avenge assaults of Jews against Palestinians and also the Jewish army takes part in the expulsion (p.213)

-- the Jewish road network in the occupied Palestinian territories speaks an absolute racist language

-- at the same time more and more Jewish draft resisters are put into jail in Israel (p.214).

January 2002
Scandalous taking evidence: Engineers have to look for the building parts of the WTC on garbage sites - and some parts disappear "by mistake"...

American Press reports about the investigation of the WTC collapse:

-- the parts of evidence of the rubble are treated like garbage on a site for scrap metal

-- the engineers were investigating scrapyards to find the steel beams of the WTC and are marking these interesting beams with colour

-- later some of the marked beams had been supplied to the recycling "by mistake"

-- FEMA must have known that the removal of the remains had been irresponsible and illegal (p.159).

at the same time:
The "US" regime and the "US" media stamp Saddam Hussein as a devil
-- Cheney and Rumsfeld claim again and again that Saddam Hussein would stand behind the attacks of 11 September

-- but CIA hesitates with an Iraq campaign because there is no precise evidence, and there is only an alleged meeting of Atta with a staff member of the Iraqi secret service (p.241).

at the same time:
Cheney gives order to the leader of the opposition senator Daschle to limit the investigation about 11 September 2001
because the staff had to be involved into the war against terrorism now (p.171)

and 4 days after Cheney's order also president Bush is intervening at Daschle's office "in the interest of the safety of the country" (p.171).

In: Bush asks Daschle to limit sept. 11 probes; CNN 29 Jan. 2002

[But the whole war has no justification and Bush himself has organized the blasts of the WTC. The whole wars in Asia are the repetition of colonial wars of England with the philosophy of Curzon for a world domination. So, the "war against terror" will end with the detention of Bush himself...]

Middle of January 2002 approx.
Afghanistan: "US" occupation of Afghanistan - takeover of the North alliance - first priorities for Afghanistan

-- the North alliance organizes that 80% of the produced heroine is sold in Europe and in the "USA"

-- the farmers in the high valleys in Afghanistan can reach fortunes of 12,500 $ each hectare with opium, before with the Taliban it had been with wheat only 1,400 $ each hectare (p.238).

In: Once banned opium poppies returning to the fields of Afghanistan; In: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Ca), 30 Jan. 2002

-- Osama bin Laden is not found, and the priority to arrest him is ranked lower

-- Afghanistan becomes first priority at the "USA" as a military base in the geopolitical region between China, Russia, Pakistan and India. The goal is a higher "power projection": A emission of power on continents and on populations with billions of people (p.239).

since middle of January 2002 approx.
Caspian basin: The "USA" can build up new military bases in the new states of the former "Soviet Union" - new blockades

-- the new military bases in the new states of the former "Soviet Union" are installed under the pretext to save "supplies" for Afghanistan (p.240)

-- with the bases in the ex "SU" republics the regions are "unlocked" for the "interests" of the "USA" and a further destabilization is not necessary any more (p.244-245)

-- the religious, fundamentalist Muslim fighters are not necessary any more and
according to the "US" tactics can be annihilated  (p.245)

-- Russia shall be blocked another rise to world power (p.240)

-- China shall be blocked the rise to world power (p.240-241)

-- India and Pakistan shall be confined (p.241).

21 Jan. 2002
Afghanistan: Report about an alleged found hard disk with data from Bin Laden

-- a journalist of the Wall Street Journal is said having purchased a second hand laptop at Kabul and this laptop is said to come from a house which had connections to Al Kaida

-- the hard disk is said to be deleted (p.73).

February 2002
Book by Thierry Meyssan: 9/11 The Big Lie

Meyssan is a Frenchman. His book is forbidden in the "USA" because it is rated as anti-"American" (p.200).

Book by Thierry Meyssan: 9/11 The Big Lie

Thierry Meyssan: Book "The Big
                        Lie" revealing the lies of the Bush regime
                        about 11 September 2001
Thierry Meyssan: Book "The Big Lie" revealing the lies of the Bush regime about 11 September 2001
Thierry Meyssan: Book "The Big
                          Lie" revealing the lies of the Bush
                          regime about 11 September 2001, the covers of
                          the translations.
vergrössernThierry Meyssan: Book "The Big Lie" revealing the lies of the Bush regime about 11 September 2001, the covers of the translations.

Thierry Meyssan, Portrait
Thierry Meyssan, Portrait

Thierry Meyssan: Book "The Big Lie":

Thierry Meyssan: Book "The Big Lie", the covers of the translations.

Thierry Meyssan, Portrait

February 2002 approx.
FoxNews broadcasts a 4 part report of Carl Cameron about the Jewish pre-knowledge of the 11 September

                    Cameron, he found out about israeli pre knowledge of
                    11 September 2001 telling FoxNews
Carl Cameron, he found out about israeli pre knowledge of 11 September 2001 telling FoxNews (June 2005)

-- 200 Jews are arrested because of intelligence service espionage

-- Cameron means there would be no proof for an involvement of Israel at 11 September 2001

-- Cameron presumes that the Jewish spies had collected cognitions about the future attacks and had kept them for their own

-- but high ranked investigators presume connections, but they resign to give further information because the connections of Israel to the attacks would be "secret"

-- Cameron comments that this would be a "high explosive" information

-- but Cameron determines that all in all there is the question coming up how the Jewish side had been uninformed considering the events of 11 September precisely (p.219)

-- the report is also published in the Internet for a short time, then deleted (p.218)
-- the Jewish embassy in the "USA" denies the pre-knowledge
-- AIPAC, the Jewish lobbying organization for Israel in the "USA" comments, all would be an invention (p.265).

In: Sylvain Cypel: Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the United States; In: Le Monde, 5 March 2002

March 2002
Pentagon attack: The film of the monitoring camera is published only in little peaces
These film excerpts show more a flame of an explosion than a fire of kerosene (p.121).

Pentagon attack: 5 fotos of the monitoring camera are published
but the indications of time on the fotos are faked (p.198):
Video: 12 Sep. 2001; right: 11 Sep.
Time: 17:37:19; right: 9:39 + x seconds (p.264)

In: Hufschmid: Painful Questions, S.97

-- the flying object is causing white smoke

-- but the flying object is covered by objects in the foreground

-- the fotos with the flying object itself are missing (p.264)

-- the explosion is happening in combination with a bright and clean fireball

-- so this cannot be a kerosene flame because kerosene causes a dark orange fire with black smoke resp. carbon black smoke (p.198-199)

in: Eric Hufschmid: Painful Questions, p.97

->> the suspicion that the impact at the pentagon was performed by a missile resp. a drone (p.264) is becoming harder and harder because when it would have been a Boeing the foto material would not be kept secret (p.199).

In: Hufschmid: Painful Questions, S.105

Spring 2002
FBI chief Mueller is playing theater that he would be stupid and maintains there would be no indication for an attack before 11 September 2001

In: Robert Mueller, FBI director: Lecture about proofs which connect the alleged 19 hijackers with the attacks of 9-11; lecture hold in the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, 19 April 2002

4 March 2002
Afghanistan: Report about the hard disk of the second hand laptop

The report says:
-- the editorial office of the Wall Street Journal had reconstructed the hard disk
-- there shall be detected details about the attacks, the financial connections of Al Kaida with names and telephone numbers
-- the Wall Street Journal shall have acknowledged first priority to the CIA and to the Pentagon to investigate the contents of the hard disk (p.74).

In: Felicity Barringer: Why Reporters' Discovery Was Shared With Officials. New York Times, 21 Jan. 2002
In: G.Pascal Zachary: Secret Finger-Pointing over Danny Pearl's Death. Independent Media Institute, 4 March 2002

[It seems strange that the friends of Bin Laden had not known how a hard disc is well cleared. This scenery seems again impossible, and there is not presented any proof, but there are only new rumors. By this again can be committed any betrayal].

6 March 2002
Washington: Hearing of experts concerning 11 September 2001 before the Committee of Science of the House of Representatives
The hearing is performed with the representatives:

-- Professor Astaneh-Asl from Berkeley university claims there had been not enough time to get an overlook of documents and taking evidence of the steel parts

-- Asl: The steel scrap material had been recycled too early (p.155)

In: Committee on Science: Hearing World Trade Center Collapse; 6 March 2002, S.1

Statements of representative Boehlert:

-- since 11 September 2001 there was a crazy secrecy on the WTC site
-- there had never been installed a clear structure of responsibility
-- the competencies were never regulated, and in case of doubt nobody was responsible

-- precious parts of proof had been lost for ever
-- the construction plans of the WTC had been kept secret to the experts for months (p.156)

Statements of Prof. Corbett from John Jay College of Criminal Justice:

-- the investigations had to be performed with part time engineers

-- the static performance of the towers had never been investigated precisely

-- the expertise group for the investigation of the collapse had been hindered to have access to the building documents (p.157)

-- for the investigation of the WTC attacks the government had given 600.000 $

-- for the sex scandal of Clinton and Lewinsky the Republican congress had given 40 mio. $ with a rate of only 50% of the population which was interested in this case

-- the FBI had even investigated sperm from president Clinton on clothes from Monica Lewinsky

-- scientists had to work on the WTC rubble on weekends for no salary

-- the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) did not want even to investigate the rubble of building no. 7 (p.157)

In: Eric Hufschmid: Painful Questions; An Analysis of the September 11 Attack, S.5

Statement of editor in chief of the magazine "Fire Engineering":

It's absolutely illegal to remove evidence after a big fire before the investigation (p.157-158).

10 March 2002 approx.
Claim of the Wall Street Journal: Mohammed Atta had got on 10th September 100.000 $ on his account in Florida from Pakistani chief of secret service

Wall Street Journal claims that the intermediary had been a man from the terror circles: Ahmad Umar Sheik

By this there is another question why 100,000 $ shall have transmitted to a man who will be killed by an attack the next day. There is no logic (p.74).

at the same time:
Claim of the secret service of India that there are recordings from mobile telephone calls from Ahmad Umar Sheik
and by these calls a tight connection to Bin Laden would be clear.

->> the missing link between Bin Laden and the alleged assassins is constructed (p.74)

[but without any published proof, only by lies about phone calls...]

spring 2002 approx.
"US" Senate: Hearing of the Minister of Transport: Discharge of Zacarias Moussaoui
-- Moussaoui never had wanted to fly only straight forward
-- the rumour that Moussaoui had wanted to learn to fly only straight forward had been a disinformation of the media (p.49).

30 March 2002 / some weeks after 10 March approx.
Investigation of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan is punished by death

Now a journalist wants to investigate the background about the bank transfer of the 100,000 $ for Atta - but this transfer probably has never occured. What happens:

-- Pearl wants to investigate officially the reasons for the payment of 100.000 $ in Pakistan

-- but properly he is a Jew and he wants to find a link between Bin Laden, intermediate Sheik and the alleged assassins of the circle of Mohammed Atta

-- Pearl is murdered in a dreadful way during a meeting of contact men, and this is filmed on video (p.74).

In: Pearl's father: <"Israeli connection" could hinder investigation>; In: Ha'a-retz, Tel Aviv 25 Feb. 2002

May 2002
FEMA says to know nothing about the collapse of building no. 7 - lacking coordination during the removal of the rubble

FEMA says about the collapse of building no.7 of the WTC:

-- the specialties at the fire in building 7 which had brought the building to a collapse are unknown

-- it would be a new kind of event which would take long investigations

-- since 11 September 2001 there had been "difficulties" between the voluntary working engineers and the local government authorities

-- during the first days after 11 September 2001 there had be no systematic passport control

-- voluntary engineers had been forced to wait up to 3 hours to get access to the place of accident and by lack of time they exchanged their cognitions by mobile phone and had to work normally on working days without having the possibility to investigate the WTC during these days

-- for comparison in the Lewinsky case there had been charged professional investigator, not so at the WTC (p.158).

May 2002 approx.
Washington: Report of the Committee of Science of the House of Representatives
about the hearing of the experts:

-- the investigations at the sites of accidents of the attacks of 11 September 2001 were interfered (p.155)

-- some critical steel parts had been removed even before the first investigations

-- the investigators had not even the possibility to sequestrate the steel parts for their investigation to avoid an early recycling

-- by this important proofs have been lost (p.156)

-- the owner of the buildings and the architects and the insurance companies have interfered the access to the most important evidence for the experts

-- the access to the relevant documents would have been delayed because of "questions of responsibility" (p.158).

In: FEMA Report: (2005 not valid any more)

-- comparison: The fire in the Meridian Plaza at Philadelphia with 6 deaths in 1991 had been investigated very carefully, the WTC collapse not at all (p.158).

In: FEMA Report: (2005 not valid any more)

since May 2002
The "US" regime promotes a new "patriotism" - war enthusiasm
-- and the media play the game and critics are not wanted (p.171)
-- Journalist Dan Rather e.g. means "USA" are in an "orgy of running amok patriotism" (p.172)

In: Media Gumbel Joined: When Did He Know it?; In: Mantra Research Cyber Alert, 17 May 2002

-- the media have not the courage to put hard questions about the war against terrorism because this would be rated "unpatriotic"
-- there is a big censorship and fear of people's demonstrations when critic questions are put (p. 172)

In: Madeleine Holt: Is truth a victim?;  In: BBC News Night Archive

-- the "US" population is accepting the fakes and the wrong presentations by the "US" regime and a majority want the war against Saddam Hussein (p.241-242) because the manipulation of fear is functioning (p.242)

-- the reaction is "patriotism", nursed by the Bush propaganda

-- critical representatives in the congress are isolated, are made ridiculous and are fighted by the powerful Federal lobby groups

-- the opposition fails and is accepting the Bush war tactics mainly and also accepts the restriction of the civil rights

-- e.g. whole parts of the constitution are suspended (p.242)

-- the rights of arrested people to speak a lawyer resp. for a fair proceeding are restricted (p.242-243)

-- the authorities get the permission to search in private houses without information to the affected person

-- the authorities get the right to use any monitoring technology

-- the authorities can arrest persons without any limit of time

-- kidnapping and capture of war prisoners for unlimited time becomes possible

-- the regime can decide arbitrarily when a prisoner of war is a prisoner according to the Geneva convention or not

-- the public international law is not valid for the "USA" any more (p.243).

["USA" are more and more a terror state...]

Foundation of a "Homeland Security" with 170,000 employees
-- with "voluntary" assistant help to spying the neighbourhood

-- this is the establishment of a new denunciation system (p.244) [according to the Stasi in the former Eastern Republic of Germany ERG]

-- the "US" "Homeland Security" makes propaganda to purchase gas masks, to build up food stocks for emergency times, to buy sticky tapes in case of a gas accident to make the windows tight (p.237)

[The whole "Homeland Security" is a huge wrong track to cover-up the criminalities of the Bush regime...]

Methods of the disfranchisement of the world's population: Anonymous arrests - anonymous transports - hearing in foreign countries - murder when there is a suspicion

There are new "tactics" of the Bush regime in the foreign countries, and now the real terror of the Bush regime affects many people in the whole world, and also murdered:

-- catching troops are sent to foreign countries and kidnap "suspect persons"

-- transport of the "suspect person" in airplanes without nation registering mark to Egypt

-- questioning with torture by non "Americans" with presence of the CIA

-- the "US" government maintains that "American" right or public international law has not to be observed

-- the Bush government lists a number of persons which is given free for launch

-- murder of people is possible in an arbitrarily way only with a suspicion e.g. with CIA drones in Yemen where 5 dead passenger are told to be "collateral damage" (p.243).

In: Craig Hoyle / Andrew Koch: Yemen drone strike: just the start?; In: Jane's Defence Weekly, 8 Nov. 2002

Methods of the disfranchisement of the "US" population: Inspection of records prohibited

-- the inspection of records of the authorities for the civilians is restricted (p.243)

-- president's documents are blocked longer as before to block historians and to cover-up scandals longer (p.243-244)

-- by this e.g. details of the rearmament of Saddam Hussein under protection of the "USA" and England or the Noriega drug deal of the CIA can be kept secret until today (p.244).

21 May 2002
FBI: Coleen Rowley indicates that the alleged Muslim assassins had really been suspects of the FBI

-- so the indication of the FBI that the FBI had known nothing about the Muslims is not right (p.49)
-- Rowley indicates that Moussaoui had been suspected by the FBI a long time before the attacks already that he wanted to hijack a Boeing 747 for a suicide attack (p.49)

In: N.Y. Times, 24 May 2002

Coleen Rowley, Portrait
Coleen Rowley (June 2005)

21 May 2002
FBI: Memorandum by Coleen Rowley "Rowley Report" to FBI chief Robert Mueller:
The investigation of the FBI before the 11 September 2001 against Muslims inscribed in pilot schools had been hindered systematically by the department head for fight against terror of the FBI, Dave Frasca

-- Rowley means that when one sees the result of Dave Frasca's work Frasca has probably blocked all terror investigations before 11 September 2001 following an order from above

-- either there was an order to block from the chief of the FBI, Robert Mueller, or the order came from the highest justice ranks, from justice secretary Ashcroft, or from an even higher rank of the state, from president George W. Bush (p.52).

3 June 2002
Information from Newsweek on page no. 22 about the contents of the laptops of Zacarias Moussaoui
There would be:

-- information about the splashing of fertilizers and pesticides by airplane
-- indications about airliners
-- the telephone number of roommate Mohammed Atta, the alleged boss assassin

->> according to Bülow all can be a fake because of the time interval to the 11 September 2001 (p.53).

Summer 2002
"USA": The government spokesman of Bush claims on and on a connection between Mohammed Atta and an agent of the Iraqi secret service at Prague from spring 2001
without any evidence (p.108).

Middle of 2002 approx.
The Bush regime avows that there were indications for the attacks of 11 September before the attacks
But the regime means the indications could not have referred to an attack on New York or Washington (p.166).

Autumn 2002 approx. / later after summer 2002
"USA": Higher ranks of the "American" secret services deny a meeting between Mohammed Atta and an agent from the Iraqi secret service at Prague

-- because for spring 2001 the documents are proving a stay of Mohammed Atta in Virginia (p.108)

-- there was another Arab who had a meeting with an agent of the Iraqi secret service (p.260).

Cover of Broecker's book:
                        "Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories, and the
                        Secrets of 9-11"
September 2002
Book by Bröckers: "Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories, and the Secrets of 9/11"

(e.g. on:

Mathias Broecker, portrait
Mathias Broecker, portrait

since 2002
Reorganization of the oil landscape on Persian Gulf and on the Arab peninsula by "US" military bases - calumniations and extortion as political devices
(S.251) There is always the same tactics of calumniation:

-- the "US" regime always uses Al Kaida as a pretext for new attacks without fundamental evidence

-- the "US" regime insults the European allies as "Venus" supporters, as wimps, as cowards, as failures in the fight against the "evil"

-- the "US" government threats with sanctions when there will be decisions which are not referring to the "American" line (p.252).

until 2003
No final clarification of the attacks and of the Anthrax attacks

-- the attacks against the WTC, the Pentagon and on the alleged 4th airplane are basely unexplained

-- also the Anthrax attacks remain basely unexplained

-- anonymous indications transmit warnings to the responsibles with "tips" not research too much in certain cases because other uncomfortable details would come out

-- concerning the Anthrax attacks the tracks lead to the CIA and to the "US" army (p.170).

The "US" regime loves to be silent concerning the terror attacks of 11 September 2001

-- there is no investigation report about the terror attacks yet

-- representatives are threatened by high ranked authority institutions with lie detectors for not speaking out secret information (p.9).

The "American" crusade to Iraq
This is a geopolitical fight about the oil, and the attacks of 11 September 2001 are a claimed justification for it though there is no evidence for the connection between Saddam Hussein and the attacks of 11 September 2001 (p.181).

The "USA" go for a "new order" in the oily Middle East (p.182).

But: The "US" government cannot even show an interim report about 11 September 2001

-- by this the congress remains frightened

-- investigations are kept low with the argument of the costs of the war

-- important evidence is removed (p.249)

-- the parallel to the wanted events in the document for a "New American Century" is not respected in the "investigations" (p.250).

Thesis of Bülow:
As long as a majority of the "US" population believes to the honesty of the Bush regime there will not be a change (p.251).

The dangers for the Bush regime
-- the disgust about the "US" methods will rise in the whole world
-- overstrain of the "American" financial and economic power
-- within some time the "American" voter will not want to go on with the war (p.252).

The truth is:
-- the "USA" are torpedoing the human rights
-- the "USA" are torpedoing the freedom and the dream of "America" (p.252).

[And: Iraq is not a country which is built by the population but by colonialism. So the "US" Bush regime does not see that they will free Iraq from Saddam but that it's impossible to establish democracy in a state with borders that were never confirmed by the populations living there, and at the end "USA" will be considered as new colonialists when "USA" keeps the colonial borders...]

July 2003
Book by Bröckers: "Facts, falsifications and concealed proofs of 9-11"
("Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 11 Sep. ")

(e.g. on:

Book by
                Broeckers about facts of 9-11 with 60 minutes film:
                "Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise
                des 11 Sep. "
Book by Bröckers and Hauss about facts of 9-11 with 60 minutes film: "Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 11 Sep. "

[not mentioned:
The "USA" can become a second "Argentina" in 3-4 years

The Scull and Bones figure symbolism
                            322 for political speech in memory of
                            Demosthenes: The politicians of the
                            "USA" have become blind of his own
                            nationalism with flags...
The Scull and Bones figure symbolism 322 for political speech in memory of Demosthenes: The politicians of the "USA" have become blind of his own nationalism with flags...

-- the growing indeptedness of the "USA" enforces to an increase of the interest rate

-- an increase of the interest rate promotes poverty because the people lives on credit and mortgages which cannot be paid any more, and the price for property and all in all the prices go down

-- the increase of the interest is only possible in limits

-- when the indeptedness is also promoted in the future the Dollar will come down

-- eventually there will by a breakdown of the banking system

-- then "USA" will be a second "Argentina"

-- the rich upper class will have a triumph and the poverty class will grow from 12 % of today to about 40-50%

-- the "USA" can tear with Europe in this trouble

-- the policy of the "USA" under president George W. Bush and of his warmongers is a danger for the civilization

-- so Bush and his warmongers are really "evil"].

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