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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Jews in Morocco 11: Morocco and racist anti-Muslim Herzl Israel since 1956

King Hassan II knows to distinguish Jews from criminal racist Zionists - Hassan's line for a "democratic Arab Palestine" for "Christians, Jews, and Muslims"

from: Morocco; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 12

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)



<Morocco's Attitude to Israel.

When Morocco achieved its independence in 1956, it joined the Arab League and adopted that body's general attitude toward the Arab-Israel conflict. In spite of its geographical distance from the scene of hostilities, it adhered verbally to Arab extremist anti-Israel policies and slogans, in order to subdue internal opposition from both the right-wing Istiqlal party and the left-wing parties and criticism against the monarchy from the "revolutionary" Arab states.

But the real policy of King Hassan II, however, was a rather cautious one. For instance Morocco did not sever relations with West Germany when Bonn established diplomatic ties with Israel in 1965. During the Six-Day War (1967), Morocco sent troops to the front, but the fighting was over before they reached Morocco's eastern border.

After the war Hassan's attitude approached that of President Bourghiba, of *Tunisia, calling on the Arabs to be realistic and seek a political settlement with Israel. On the other hand, Morocco expressed dissatisfaction with the U.N. Security Council Resolution of Nov. 22, 1967 (although it supported it in the end) because of its population's particular sensitivity to the religious aspect of the Jerusalem problem.

Anti-Israel feelings in Moroccan public opinion after the Six-Day War were expressed by an attempted economic boycott of the Jewish community in Morocco and of imports from the United States and Western Europe. The authorities officially condemned this action and suppressed it. The king called upon the public to differentiate between the Jews of Morocco and "the Zionists".

The secretary general of the Moroccan Trade Unions (UMT), Mahjub ben Sadiq, criticized the king's policy and was supported by the Istiqlal party and the Muslim masses. Ben Sadiq was arrested and condemned to 18 months in prison - a sentence which brought strong protests from Algeria, Syria, and Egypt.

Until the beginning of 1970, King Hassan II openly criticized the acts of terror of the Palestinian organizations, especially the hijacking of airplanes. However, he changed his attitude toward the Palestine Liberation Organization when al-Fatah adopted the program of establishing a "democratic Arab Palestine where Christians, Jews and Muslims could live in peace together." He supported this idea as the sole solution for the Middle East problem. The king held that the conflict should be resolved among the Palestinians themselves - the Jews of Palestine and the Arabs of Palestine - leaving out the great powers, whose presence in the Mediterranean region concerned Morocco.

From 1970 Morocco contributed a sum of $ 4,000,000 annually to the P.L.O. to be collected from new indirect taxes.

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Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Morocco, vol.
                        12, 345-346
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Morocco, vol. 12, 345-346