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Data canNOT conspire, data only can be incomplete.

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WTC Einschlag 1 Nordturm, Einschlagbild, ohne
                    Boeing. Wo ist die Boeing???  WTC-Einschlag 2 im Südturm, Einschlagbild: Es
                    steckt keine Boeing im Loch. Wo ist die Boeing???
2749  victims (SFinfoText, 24 January 2004, page 138)
Kopfschmuck zum 11. September: So hätten
                          die Löcher gefülltsein müssen, waren sie aber
                          nie!!! Head cover about 11 September: Like this the holes had been had to be filled, but they never were. The holes were empty!!!

WTC: There is no Boeing stuck in the hole. The holes are hardly empty. Where are the Boeings???

Do you see a Boeing?     Film protocol of Loose Change 2 about CIA, firemen, blast and gold in WTC
Number 11 Die Zahl 11 ist mehr als nur eine
                              Zahl / el número 11 es más que solo un
Further education about CIA attacks: http://www.joecell.de/modules/altern8news/article.php?storyid=41
Genetic foos provoking infertility: here is Information, and here yo can sign: http://www.mein-nein.de/
Cooking with the sun with black cooking pot and isolation termo mat: http://www.rollerfink.de/2006/04/11/thermomatten_sonnenkocher.html
History (selection)
14 points against world wide poverty
Sociology etc.
South "America" (Chile, Peru, Ecuador etc.)
Germany - AfD
Tunnel systems,Jews

Brandenburger Tor 1945

Third Reich + ruin...
Rhine meadow death camps...
Moon was earth.
9-11 Betrug / fraude / fraud
                      / fraudeMondlüge / moon lie / mentira de la luna
Truth is not important for the "U.S.A."...
Mass murderer Eisenhower...
Murder of mountains because of coal
                    "3 Finger", ein Cheyenne
Primary nations in North "America" ("indians"
Switzerland, a train of
                    SBB with a Swiss crossWilhelm Tell is a faked person
                    of nationalism
Fokokomposition mit Erich von Däniken

Jewry with documents
Judentum / Jewry
Holocaust table
(new holocaust - worse than the old one)

Tora fake 50% (faked Old Testament), and 50% are missing
Church: colonialism, mass murder
Kolonialismus in
                  Chronologie Der Amerikanische Holocaust
Terror, crusades, inquisition - a certain Jesus in Kashmir - Jewish tribes
                    Kreuz und Kerze als perfekter Terror
NO to minarets - NO to church towers
Mohammed, sultans, oil
Islamic racism against women
Moschee, Halbmond,
 Iraq: contaminated with radioactivity by the "USA"
Mörder-Kommunismus-Fahne mit Hammer, Sichel
                      und Stern
Asterix und
                    Obelix mit Kaese
Europe 00-2000
Austria: the dream of a union (Anschluss)...
tactics of the emperor... andHitler's caracter

Holland: not only tulips
                      (Nederland), tulip field with windmill
Joran van der Sloot is NO murderer - 20 points

Joran van der Sloot is geen moordenaar - 20 punten

Worlds of the natives
Native hunting fishes with
                    arch and bow


Asian worlds
Buddha-Statue im Sonnenschein
Vedas - China - Japan - Thailand - Vietnam - MH17+MH370

Sex Slaves in Asia -
sinking Bangkok - sinking towns in Th.+China

History of medicine

Medicine - "medicine"
Natural medicine from Peru
smokers should become non smokers
Raucher raus!
Dr. Peter D'Adamo:
zur Blutgruppenernährung von Peter Dr.

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Translations Thai-English: http://en.modernpublishing.co.th

The order of UNO against censuration of 2011:
In 2011 UNO gave the order to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (CH) to avoid censuration concerning history

<Article 19: Freedoms of Opinion and Expression

"Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse."

(UN Human Rights Convention paragraph 49, CCPR/C/GC/34)

Indicatino by Adrian Preissinger on Facebook, March 7, 2014

Corrupt governments of Berlin, Berne and Vienna will have to follow this UNO order.

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Sociology etc.: www.soziologie-etc.com (English)

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Employment contract - architecture - book: Hell is - and all are only watching - fables - cooking - comulsary course for parents - school - sports - tricks of life - naturism - party - the landlord

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Renewable energies - music - natur - psychology - languge courses - Steiner terrorism - traffic - guide for a comfortable town - bike trips - dictionary


South "America": Chile, Perú, Ecuador etc.: www.am-sur.com (English)

Photo reports and analysis about South "America"

This web site is absolutely not radical, but truth seems to be radical to some human beings. (2005)

Despite of all universities the world has not found any peace. How long money and weapons will dominate the world yet? (2005)

Psychiatry would have the power to declear all warlords as psychologically ill and to bring them to psychiatry. But they are not doing anything. (2006)

The steel columns of WTC were blasted precisely in the manner so they fitted well to the lorries for a faster transport... (2007)

Until today every empire has collapsed because of overextension of it's borders or because of arrogance and corruption, or because of all this together. (2008)

Who indicates "poverty" also has to indicate "corruption" and "racism", or he has not conceived the structures of poverty. (2009)

It's not important how the religion is called. But human rights and human obligations have to be fullfilled.

The author:

Michael Palomino,
              Geschichte, history, histoire, Chronologie, chronology,
Michael Palomino

Michael Palomino (*2 of May 1964) also is on Facebook (Michael Palomino Ale)

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-- Synagogue Budapest: http://www.reisealbum.de/englisch/budapest_e.htm (2005)
-- native of Peru, girl with baby on her back: photo of Michael Palomino (2007)
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-- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a child on the piano: http://www.pianosociety.com/index.php?id=28
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Däniken / Daeniken / Daniken:
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-- Sumerian god Shamash / Utu, relief: http://www.crystalinks.com/sumergods1a.html
-- map of Greece: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/europe/greece_rel96.jpg

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