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Table about the persecution of the Jews: 6 million:
Tunnel systems, bunker constructioning and Stalin deportations, Red Army etc., and emigration - and not born Jewish children after 1945

by Michael Palomino 2003; last change: September 2013

Julius Hans
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              Portrait  Bernhard Chiari:
              Book: Everyday life behind the front (orig. German: Alltag
              hinter der Front), cover  Zygmunt Frankel,

Summary about the persecution of the Jews 1933-1945 and the persecutions of the Germans since 1945:

Zionists and Hitler's regime were organizing the persecution of the Jews in common chasing Jews to Palestine. During the war (1939-1945) captives in German concentration camps were important for the war and they partly got more food than the civil population. Zionists could pass to all camps and control them, and since 1942 they invented the calumny with "murder by gassing". In 1945 some remaining concentration camps heavy and inhuman conditions developed because of the breakdown of the system and because of overcrowding. The allies only met the camps in 1945 and believed these had been also the conditions from 1933 to 1944. In 1945 Zionist Eisenhower organized the mass murder against Germans in the Rhine meadow camps. Photos with hungry and emaciated Germans and of German dead bodies were presented as Jewish and Hitchcock cut his films in the way thus it gave the "impression" that a mass murder against Jews had happened in the Reich. This is a big Zionist calumny and lie. But the following facts are right:
-- mass death behind the eastern front of the remaining local Jews who had not fled with the Red Army or as industrial staff to central Russia (the Zionists did not want to protect the East European Jews because they were nothing "worth" for Palestine)
-- mass death in the ghettos is only partly right because Zionists partly could manage the ghettos clandestinely
-- Stalin was deporting masses of capitalist Jews into the Gulag
-- there was a mass death of Jews in the Red Army
-- and Hitler and Stalin organized clandestine deportations of European Jews into the Gulag because Hitler simply did not want them any more
-- at the end of the war the German camp system collapsed, hunger and overcrowding and epidemics were spreading and sometimes hunger and death marches were organized as a revenge for the defeat
-- and after 1945 Jewish women were partly infertile or did not return from "Christian" farms or left Jewry
-- additionally one has to consider that the word "Holocaust" indicates "burnt victim" and this does not count for the Jews but for the Germans who were suffering fire storms in their town provoked by the allied bombs - and many Jewish houses were destroyed which could have been given back to the Jews after 1945, but the Zionist bosses of "U.S.A.", Roosevelt, Baruch and Morgenthau wanted to destroy Germany completely to destroy the home of the European Jews chasing them to Palestine - and an other criminal Zionist, Eisenhower, did it
-- the other Zionist goal of Roosevelt, Baruch, Morgenthau, Eisenhower, Einstein etc. to throw atomic bombs on Germany could not be performed because Germany was capitulating too fast
-- but criminal Zionist allies were succeeding in the mass murder of German soldiers in the Rhine meadow camps in summer 1945 and criminal Zionists Eisenhower and Hitchcock presented systematically emaciated Germans and German bodies as Jewish bodies giving the faked impression that there had been a mass murder against Jews. The calumny against Germany was done with photos and films depicting Germans of the Rhine meadow camps as Jews, and in this way the two criminals Eisenhower and Hitchcock manipulated the Nuremberg process against Germany and all other representatives of other states believed it...

The partition of the 6 million Jews (plus other people classified as "non Aryans": 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 Jews) 1933-1948 incl. the Gorbachev documents:

1.Jewish casualties in NS territory with collaborators and gypsies
2.Jewish casualties in the SU and from 1945 on captivated Jews 3. surviving Jews beyond the Soviet Union (SU)
0. Since 1935/6 there was the definition of 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 Jews which provoked the counting of about 50-70 % more Jews, and where the Nuremberg laws were put into force more people were affected [25]
emigration 1933-1939 [35]
- riots and emigration from Germany
emigration 1933-1945:
- emigration by Hilfesverein 1933-1941 [1]
- emigration by the  American Joint Distribution Committee [1]
- Marseille: emigration by the  Emergency Rescue Committee [2]

1a. mass death  by mass execution in gas wagon
1b. mass death in burning barn or synagogues
1c. mass death in the ghetto
1c1. death from starvation, from cold in ghetto
Survival without measures as non-available (Unabkömmlicher, uk)
1c2. death from epidemic in ghetto
Survival by collaboration
1c3. death by shooting in ghetto
Faked passports:
- survival by change of name
- survival by change of religion
1c4. normal death in ghetto Stalin deportations [23] - survival as stateless person [20]
1d. death during deportations 1940-1943 to Eastern Europe
2d. death on deportations 1940-1941 Escape routes with facilitator bands:
- PL-H-I-F-Sp/P-"America" [19a]
- D-CH-F-Sp/P-"America" [21]
1d1. death by hunger, cold on transport 2d1. death from starvation, by cold on transport
1d2. natural death on transport 2d2. natural death on transport - flight over the British Channel to England 

1e. mass death in camps (also gypsies) 2e. mass death in camps in Gulag Survival in hiding places [3]
1e1. death by hunger, cold in camps 2e1. death from starvation and by cold in camps Survival as guerrilla in the forest [4]
1e2. death by epidemic in camps 2e2. death by epidemic in camps Survival in camps [13]
1e3. death by shooting in camps 2e3. death by shooting in camps Survival in bunker constructioning
1e4. natural death in camps 2e4. natural death in camps
1e5. death by medical "experiment"
Categories of emigrants:
(cyclon B granulate: effect only with 27°C upwards) [32]
2f. Great flight from Barbarossa: Organized retreat of at least approx. 1 mio. Jews in 1941 to the center of the SU; many other and poor Jews do not flee, and arbitrary flight is blocked [24]; denunciation of Jews again [26]
- emigrants getting under NS governments again [6]
1f. death as fugitive (also gypsies) - emigrants getting under Communist regimes [7]

2g. "Shift" of Jews from Nazi Europe to Russia 1941-1943 [36]
1f1. murder of Jews in hiding places by collaborating population 2h. mass death in Siberian steppe [22]
- natural death as emigrant
1f2. murder of Jews during razzias and mass executions [27] 2h1. death from starvation and by cold in Siberian steppe - death by murder as emigrant:
e.g.: facilitators shoot Jews during the flight and rob them [19a
1f3. murder of Jews in hiding places by nationalistic guerrilla 2h2. natural death in Siberian steppe - or: facilitators take the money from the Jews and give them to the police and take money two times [19b]
1f4. natural death in hiding places 2i. Mass execution of 1.5 mio. of