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Political prosecution against Holocaust research

Blockage and political persecution of Holocaust research by Swiss and German justice 1999-2010 - personal experience by Michael Palomino from 1999 to 2010 with political persecution methods in Switzerland and in Germany against Holocaust research - NS methods and Stalin methods - all inclusive

by Michael Palomino (2010)

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            Palomino speaking from his own experience
Michael Palomino speaking from his own experience

Blockage and political persecution of Holocaust research by Swiss and German justice 1999-2010

Swiss justice manipulations and left extreme akdh

The results of new Holocaust research (look my Holocaust table since 2004) are not accepted by justice yet because of some stupid representatives of corrupt and lazy Swiss justice system - and Swiss judge Jeremy Stephenson in Basel in fact claimed after a secret process practically without any public of 2007 in his written reasons of the judgment of 2008 that basically any research for new kinds of death in Holocaust would be forbidden because a dead person by gas would be worthier than a dead person by tunnel constructioning or by concentration camp or by mass shooting, and deported Jews by Stalin, or surviving Jews in Russia, or Jewish victims in the Red Army, or surviving emigrated Jews would not be allowed to exist at all etc. But this impossible blockage of research by corrupt Swiss justice in Basel will not stand for ever. There were some cases in Switzerland already when historians were accused by justice because the historians wanted to know the truth. In 2008 I found 2 million not born Jews after 1945, and in 2010 I finally could present to Basel justice a jump in the statistics by Nuremberg laws: The number of persons counting as Jews worldwide by these Nuremberg laws of 1935 / 1936 jumped from 14 to 19-20 million. So it's well possible that in 1948 New York Times of 22 February 1948 indicated a world wide Jewish population of 15 to 18 million Jews. But the media don't think that this would be worth some news, but they like more to report when blockhead Irving is making a trip again. Well, sometimes perhaps will leave somebody in Basel (at the end of 2010 will already leave one of the mafia boys there, who gave himself a false Dr. title, was called "First Public Prosecutor" and has got a name like the biggest music store in Switzerland - but he did not produce "beautiful well sounding music"). Less "beautiful music" yet is coming from left extreme group akdh which has installed a propaganda article against my Holocaust research beginning in 1999 - this article in the internet has got 14 faults, with wrong names, with wrong procedures, and my call for new research was left out etc. But corrupt justice in Switzerland really likes it's "organizations" for it's masturbation. Sometimes also there is leaving somebody. Chief journalist of akdh already has fallen a little bit: first he was free journalist of big daily newspapers of TA Media, and now has fallen to be a reporter of boulevard journal Blick...

German justice manipulations - and also Wikipedia was a part of it

German justice in Freiburg im Breisgau also was part of the blockage of Holocaust research with composed and freely invented arrest warrants in Stalin style, and after pre-trial confinement the arrest warrant was declared "invalid" (I have never seen the "valid" arrest warrant until now). So, there was pre-trial confinement in JVA Lörrach without any result, and add to this my petitions in JVA Lörrach which had to be sent to Freiburg im Breisgau, these petitions needed 1 week (so this was the speed of a pedestrian!!!). German justice in Freiburg im Breisgau for example criminalized a link title which was not changed immediately (but the work itself was changed immediately after an accord with Freiburg im Breisgau). There came wrong fine invoices for things which were not right etc. Judge Mr. Stark ("Strong") not at all had a "strong" behavior, respectively truth in Holocaust matters NOT AT ALL was interesting for these people in Freiburg im Breisgau, but they made a pack with Basel Public Prosecution Service (with the Dr. without Dr. title) going on blocking my research, and in Freiburg im Breisgau Swiss justice was considered "clean" and "upright" as it seams. German Wikipedia - let's mention this - also had some action in 2006 with propaganda against my new Holocaust when I mentioned the logic fact that new kinds of death will substitute the old kinds of death. Oh, political persecution against me came now with pseudonyms as it's "normal" with wikipedia, and all links from Wikipedia to my web site were eliminated, and the real names of the defamers never were presented, and at the end was claimed that I never had been reachable - but I had registered my account just with my e-mail. And then they blocked the account which just was running with my e-mail which is valuable until today. So Wikipedia made me unreachable and I had to open another account. Third Reich of German Wikipedia had spoken...

Zionists are manipulating history of persecution of the Jews since 1942 - Erenburg, Grossmann and JAFK - keeping a clean record of Stalin

Well there is the question how long this new Holocaust (which consists of three parts: NS part, Stalin part, and emigration part, or even four parts with the not born Jews after 1945, see the Holocaust table) will be blocked by Swiss and German justice, and how long the media will detect my Holocaust table yet because this table is always bigger and bigger, and truth is knocking at the door more and more, and Holocaust is not that "simple" with just one kind of death (granulate of gas which has real lethal effect only in summer with temperatures of over 23 degrees Celsius, and this granulate cannot pass the little holes of the shower heads) and with only one culprit (Hitler) - no, persecution of the Jews from 1933 to 1945 simply was not that simple. Zionists were the persons who simplified this history spreading a story with granulate of gas since 1942 because they wanted to urge "USA" opening the Second Front (which only came in 1944), and Zionists wanted to "unify" Jewry world wide against one single enemy (a big manipulation), and they wanted to destabilize Germany mentally for ever. This was the "recipe" of Ilya Erenburg and of JAFK, and they published a Black Book (by Erenburg and Grossmann) which was written also only against the Germans, and they deliberately left out any description of collaboration of local authorities and populations. Then, German occupation powers took over the Zionist version of Holocaust white washing Stalin from his prosecution of the Jews and presenting him as a good person for newly founded state of Israel - and Israel was wanted as a satellite state by all sides. But one should not let oneself manipulate by racist Zionists. That means: Concerning Holocaust there is a racist Zionist justice in Switzerland and in Germany until today, and this is really fatal, also for Jewry.

Why nobody before me found out the statistics jump of 1935 / 1936? - justice making cash with tax payer's money abusing Holocaust - Stalin's record will not be clean

Personally I ask myself why not anybody before me has found the statistical solution of Holocaust with this jump of statistics of 1935 / 1936 (rise of the number of persons counted as Jews from 14 to 19-20 million by Nuremberg Laws). Instead justice has staged a political persecution since 1946 and above all since the 1960s - making cash with working hours with high salaries which were paid by the tax payers - and all this was not really necessary. But justice NEVER read the decisive books, and when they read them they did not take them earnest, because when they had done this so there would have been less work: "Conflict" of Holocaust would not have been a conflict any more, and some public prosecutors would have been urged to find another occupation and could not compose arrest warrants in Stalin style any more or hold secret processes. This is a total abuse of Holocaust for judicial purposes, beginning with the Zionists in 1942 by JAFK not stopping until now. There are rumors that also Russia stands behind this blockage of justice referring to Holocaust because they want to keep a clean record of Stalin - but truth is speaking in another way.

Michael Palomino, 14 December 2010

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