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8 June 1967: "Liberty" case: "USA" wanted the occupation of whole Middle East

Since Cuba crisis the "US" strategists developed many scenarios how making wars in all the world. One of the sceneries was to bomb an own ship for sinking, blaming the enemy and to occupy the country. This should be performed in the Middle East in 1967 with the "American" ship "USS Liberty".

USS Liberty before
                        the attack of 8 June 1967
USS Liberty before the attack of 8 June 1967 [1]
USS Liberty after
                        the attack of 8 June 1967
USS Liberty after the attack of 8 June 1967 [2]

  Little chronology

by Michael Palomino (2010)

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from: VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSyMBDq5efg

6 June 1967
6 day war - Israel is occupying more territory for a "Greater Israel"

8 June 1967: President Johnson tries to sink an own ship by bombing as a pretext occupying the whole Middle East

At the beginning of the 1960s after Cuba crisis general chief of staff Lemnitzer invents several scenarios to begin a war. One of the "scenarios" is letting crash a remote controlled Boeing airplane blaming a Communist state for the crash. Another possibility is sinking an own ship and blaming the enemy for this so the enemy could be attacked.

On 8 June 1967 the second version is tried out in front of the Israeli coast. It is a maneuver to enlarge the war against the Arab world. Criminal war president Johnson and criminal, Jewish racist Zionist government in Jerusalem made a secret agreement that an "American" war ship should be sinked and the crew should be killed. Egypt should be blamed for the sinking of the ship and by this the "USA" should have the possibility to enter the war for an occupation of the whole Middle East. [Criminal "USA" and Zionist racist regime in Jerusalem wanted to realize their "Greater Israel" according to first book of Mose, chapter 15, phrase 18].

The criminal war president Johnson and his foreign minister McNamara let bomb the "American" war ship "USS Liberty" that is marked with a big "American" flag on the rear end. The Jewish racist Zionist bombers are bombing the ship with the aim to sink the "USS Liberty". The Jewish racist Zionist Mirage 3 fighter bombers are not marked with any flag, so the crew does not know from whom comes the attack. The Jewish pilots have the order from the Jewish racist Zionist regime to bomb the "American" ship, napalm and white phosphor bombs. The pilots recognize the "American" flag, but then they obey to the criminal Zionist government of Jerusalem. The ship is burning for hours.

The crew of "USS Liberty" can send some emergency signals instead Jewish racist Zionist military command is blocking the radio traffic in the region of "USS Liberty". An "American" aircraft carrier of the 6th "US" fleet is near and wants to send two squadrons of jet fighters. But now war president Johnson and foreign secretary McNamara are intervening: They prohibit any help for "USS Liberty" giving order for a return of the "US" jet fighters with the aim that "USS Liberty" will sink. The order of criminal war president Johnson was: "I want that god damn ship going to the bottom. No help. Recall the wings." The protests of the local commanders of the aircraft carriers have no success.

Then also 3 Jewish racist Zionist torpedo boats are coming and hit the "USS Liberty" with torpedoes so the ship in fact is in danger to sink. When the "American" crew wants to save themselves with rescue boats also the rescue boats are attacked by the torpedo boats with the aim to murder the whole crew of "USS Liberty" by massive machine gun fire because all the witnesses should be "eliminated". Dozens of "American" seamen of "USS Liberty" are killed, 100s are badly wounded.

The ship is in international waters and by this the whole action is recognizable as a maneuver of the "USA" and racist Zionist regime of Jerusalem. But now there is happening something that president Johnson and the racist Zionist government in Jerusalem have not foreseen: There comes a Russian spy boat and is filming all. So this criminal "American" Zionist action has to be broken up after 3 hours, and the "American" ship has not sunk, and many "American" soldiers survive. Criminal war president Johnson and criminal general chief of staff Lemnitzer stay without reason for entering the war and occupying the whole Middle East. The maneuver is going wrong and is presented to the public as a "regrettable error".

The surviving commander of the ship "USS Liberty", William L. McGonagle, affirms that his ship always was in international waters. At the same time the survivors get the order to keep silence, and when they would say something there would be prison for life or death penalty. Commander McGonagle receives the Medal of Honor by the Congress, but only in secret. The general chief of staff of the time before, Moore, is detecting all lies about this case later.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSyMBDq5efg

The Stupid States are absolutely criminal inventing reasons for wars, resp. it seems that the criminal energy in the Pentagon has no limits: There was Pearl Harbor with the ship Lusitania - but the attack of Pearl Harbor was known 10 days before. There was the Tonking case which was a lie, there was 11 September 2001 which was a blasting operation, there was the indication of weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussein which was a lie, there is the indication of nuclear plans of Ahmadinejad which are a lie etc. etc. (indication of Gunther Kümel).

When will come the Nuremberg for these criminal "USA"? When will stop criminal racist Zionism with the phrase "Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates (1st book of Mose, chapter 15, phrase 18)"? (questions of Michael Palomino)

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