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Below: Migration of Jews because of communism reproaches
from 1950 to 1970

E-mail from Jurij Below (2010)

from Jurij Below (2010)

edited and  translated by Michael Palomino (2010)

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Von: "Jurij Below" <jurij.below@yahoo.de>
An: "Michael Palomino" <michael.palomino@gmx.ch> 
Betreff: Jurij Below: Judenverfolgung: Antwort
Datum: Wed, 24. Feb 2010 14:56:31

On 24 February 2010 Jurij Below wrote interesting data about shifting of Jews from Canada to the "USA" from 1943 to 1945, and about persecution of the Jews in "USA" and in South "America" because of reproaches of communism from 1950 to 1970. It seems strange that these facts are not mentioned in Encyclopaedia Judaica. But reed for your own:

<[Canada shifted many Jews to the "USA" from 1943 to 1945]

I read your information wery interestingly [indications about mass emigration to the "USA" also after 1945]. In 2001 I was in Mexico City and I've seen there different statistics. But more astunishing statistics one can find in Toronto. Canada has shifted thousands of Jewish refugees from Canada to the USA from 1943 to 1945. US government was not amused about this, but more shifting should not be possible simply because of the quarrel in the USA with the Jewish services HIAS and RAPHAEL.

[Persecution of the Jews in the "USA" under McCarthy and migration movement to Central and South "America"]

In the following times during Mc Carthy's times again thousands of Jews were expulsed from the "USA" migrating to Belize, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina - because of the suspicion to be agents of the "USSR".

[Persecution of the Jews in Argentina under Peron]

Under General Peron up to 80% of the Jews had to leave the country and migrated to the USA again - to take a trip to Israel, this wanted only 2%.

[Jewish communist parties in Latin "America"]

There is the fact that not one single communist party in Latin America was leaded by natives of the country - but the leaders were almost to 99% Jewish "progressive intellectuals".

[Persecution of the Jews and pogroms against Jews from 1950 to 1970]

I think it's strange that Jewish organizations in Europe are fixed to German politics against the Jews from 1938 to 1944. Afte rthe war there were hundreds of pogrom like events, from China to Santiago and also in Northern and Southern Africa.>