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Judentum: Zionismus Index / Jewry: Zionism index

von / by Michael Palomino

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Inhalt / Contents

Racist Zionism: Russia - "USA" - Palestine
Racist Zionism: forerunners - Palestine - Six-Day War
Racist Zionist Literature
Racist Zionist Congresses
Racist Zionist Political Parties
Racist Zionist Organizations
Racist Zionist movements
Racist Zionist operations

Racist Zionists - und Zitate / and quotations

Racist Zionist Literature: Examples
- Herzl: "Judenstaat" / Herzl: "Jewish State"

"Christian" racist Zionism
Zionisten01 / Zionists 01 / sionistas 01
Zionisten 02: Manipulation mit dem NS-Regime gegen Juden
Zionisten 03: Die kriminelle Balfour-Erklärung1917

Mosad gegen PLO

Zionisten / Zionists / sionistas

  • Zion and many meanings (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Many things called "Zion" - the hill of the Maccabees - synonym for the Jewish people - churches, synagogues and mosques on Mt. Zion - "David's tomb" on Mt. Zion - expressions with Zion


Zionismus-Chronologie: Der kriminelle und rassistische Zionismus, der das Judentum zerstört 1896-1976 (aus Glubb)

Der rassistische Zionismus ist eine Falle: Der kriminelle Herzl -- Antisemitismus als Mittel, Juden nach Palästina zu treiben -- die kriminelle Israel-Gründung mit Massenmord und Bomben -- der kriminelle Zionismus kopiert das Nazitum gegen die Palästinenser und Muslime -- Diskriminierung von dunkelhäutigen Juden -- die zionistische Mörder-Armee -- die Mördergeneräle wie Dayan -- ein zionistischer Rabbiner Kahane wettert gegen Muslime -- Zionisten behaupten, Palästinenser gibt es nicht -- Sippenhaft und Folter gegen Palästinenser -- der Nazi-Staat Israel der 1970er Jahre etc. ...

Zionism: From the Russian Pale of Settlement over the "USA" to Palestine
from the articles "History", "Helsingfors" from Encyclopaedia Judaica

The different kinds of Jewish communities in 19th century - developments - overcoming of old barriers - nationalism

Zionism 2: The Helsingfors program of 1906 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
The change from "diplomatic" Herzl Zionism to a Herzl Zionist movement - Arabs are not asked

Zionism 3: The second aliyah 1904-1914 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
 Base work - political parties - creation of "moshav", "kevuzah", and "kibbutz" - the trap: self-defense and Middle East conflict since 1909 - decision for Hebrew as "national" language in 1913
Split Zionism - "active" Zionist groups create military units for the British army - "USA" become the Zionist center since 1918
Zionist dominance in Palestine in Jewish settlements - "overnight settlements" against the Arabs - militarism and eternal war against Arabs
Zionist dominance after 1945 - Zionists bringing the Jewish remnants into the next war
Zionist pressure with shipped Jews - partition plans for Palestine against the Arabs

Zionism 8: Zionist Herzl Israel 1948-1970 and its wars (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English and also the Arabs don't see any Human Rights and drive the non-Zionists into the hands of the warrior Free Mason Zionists

Racist Zionism: From the forerunners to Palestine and Six-Day War
from the article "Zionism", "Napoleon", "Italy" etc. from Encyclopaedia Judaica

Racist Zionism 01: The word "Zionism" and its meaning (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Zion = Jerusalem - Zionism - "synthetic" Zionism
Napoleon - Hebrew - Alkalai - Zevi Hirsch Kalischer - Moses Hess - Jewish commonwealth idea - Mose's Ararat idea
Land purchase - periodical Ha-Shahar - propaganda of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda - split of the enlightenment Jews - Zionist invention of a "historical right" - structure - Pinsker's autoemancipation 1882 - first racist Jewish settlements - Arab attacks - Rothschild money - Pinsker's plan for western Jews for Palestine - Turkish government blocking - Hovevei Zion 1887 - Jaffa committee for purchase of land - Moscow 1891 - idea of "spiritual center"

Racist Zionism 04: Lilienblum, Pinsker, Herzl (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Russia 1881 - Lilienblum with westernization project - Pinsker's "autoemancipation" with a "Jewish state" - Lueger, Dreyfus and Herzl's "Jewish State" ("Jew State") - Herzl and racist Zionist Congresses - Herzl with exile government - shekel - Colonial bank - racist Herzl and the governments
Cultural and "synthetic" Zionism - the question who is a "Jew" - Ahad Ha-Am, Saadia Gaon - Hebrew writers - racist Socialist Zionism - profession pyramid - the "new Jewish man" - synthetic Zionism: Weizmann, Wolffsohn, Sokolow - racist settlement work - racist Zionism in the "USA" - Wolffsohn in Turkey and Turkish details - Arab nationalism
Young Turk revolution of 1908 - wars since 1911 - racist Zionist banks and diplomacy - anti-Zionist Turkish Jews - racist Zionists and Arabs in Turkish parliament - racist Zionist hopes for destruction of Turkey - institutions - Arabs and racist Zionists against Young Turks

Racist Zionism 07: WWI and Zionist militarism (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Racist Zionism becomes a mass movement - Jews against Jews in the battles - Jews expelled from Palestine and in eastern Europe - help from "US" Jewry - tactics of German kaiser and British Empire - Jewish refugees in Egypt - Russian revolution - Balfour Declaration of 1917 - legion and Jewish militarism - Haganah since 1919

Racist Zionism 08: Emigration drive 1919-1939 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Massacre on 100,000 Jews in eastern Europe 1919-1921 - anti-Semitic Poland 1919-1939 - Jewish Agency since 1929 - naive leaders Brandeis and Weizmann - naive leaders Nordau and Jabotinsky with "catastrophic" Zionism theory
Balfour Declaration of 1917 - Jewish invasion 1919-1939 - Haganah fight against British and Arabs - Paris "peace" conference - anti-Zionism - civil war in Palestine: Arabs and Jews in jail - unemployment - White Papers - Weizmann's propaganda tours - political parties of the yishuv - religious groups and Zionist messianism
Jews would "westernize" Palestine - riots - Jews emigrating from one battle field to another battle field - Arab attacks and the reasons - White Paper policy - racist Zionist center in Jerusalem since 1933 - Zionist plans for Palestine - Transjordan closed for Jews since 1931 - Muslim conference - strikes and British troops - partition plans
Two states theory of Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir - Arab leaders missing - English quotas - two states theory of the Peel commission of 1936 - Arabs against any partition of Palestine - Husseini group fighting the Jewish invasion - Palestine Commission against a Jewish state in 1938 - White Papers of 1939 - racist Zionist Jewish terror groups in Palestine - racist Zionist "US" government and help for Hitler's war machinery - emigration to other countries

Racist Zionism 12: WW II 1939-1945 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
Zionist Jewish legion in Palestine - the fantasy of a "Jewish home for the homeless" - Wehrmacht in Africa - Jews enlisting for English troops - Churchill - Rommel defeat of 1942 - new violence by racist Zionists in Palestine since 1942 - aim of a Jewish "independence" - racist Zionist propaganda tours - emigration and Holocaust coordination facts
Churchill replaced by Labour - hundreds of thousands of Jewish survivors of the Nazi camps - perhaps 1 mio. Jewish Displaced Persons in camps - racist Zionist propaganda in the "USA" - escalation in Palestine by Jewish troops - partition plans not accepted - Jewish terror groups in Palestine - London talks 1946 boycotted - Bevin plan not accepted - English government gives the case to the UN - Weizmann-Truman accord for the "outlet" on the Red Sea
Jews brought to racist Herzl Israel after war of "independence" - the question who is a "Zionist" - Zionist fight against "intermarriage and spiritual and cultural evaporation" - Six-Day War of 1967 forms "national" identity
Law questions - who is a Jew - who is an Israeli - Six-Day War "solving" the national identity problem - friendships with Arabs are a problem for racist Zionists
Jewish identity in the 1960s in the "US" and in the "SU" - emigration movements to racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl Israel
East European tribe fantasy - Yiddish against Hebrew revival - Dubnow theory of eastern Europe as world Jewish center - Yiddish center Czernowitz - socialist Bund - anti-Zionist rabbis against Zionist separation - American Council for Judaism - Orthodox anti-Zionism against Jewish nationhood - Jewish Colonization Association - agriculture settlements - SU and Birobidzhan - new anti-Zionism

Literature about racist Zionism
  • Racist Zionist literature bibliography (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    No precise distinction between Israel and racist Zionism - bibliographies - press and periodicals - newspapers and contents - encyclopedias and lexicons - journals, research institutes, and archive

Racist Zionist congresses
  • Racist Zionist congresses 1896-1968 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Here you see how the racist Zionist Jews are organizing their world wide mafia against the Arabs - and the national racist Zionist Jewish madness is going on...

Racist Zionist political parties
  • Racist Zionist Socialist Workers' Party (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Foundation in 1905 - territorialists - leaders in 1905 revolution - fantasy of "free territory" - rivals and joining parties - developments and formation of the United (racist) Zionist Socialist Worker's Party in 1917

Rassistische, zionistische Organisationen / Racist Zionist organizations
  • The racist Zionist organization in general (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Programs - shekel payers - bank, fund, newspaper Die Welt - splits - changing capital towns - changes of constitutions - racist governing bodies - racist congresses - racist council - racist executive - racist president - racist judicial organs - racist comptroller - racist organization and Jewish Agency - racist Zionist domination of the Jewish Agency since 1947
  • The racist Zionist Jewish armed underground terror organization Irgun Zeva'i Le'Ummi (I.Z.L.) ("Irgun") (Encycl. Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist Jewish terrorism in Palestine by Irgun (I.Z.L.): split of Haganah commanders with Betar members under Tehomi since 1931 - Irgun linked with radical racist Zionist Revivionists since 1937 under Jabotinsky - terror attacks, killed Arabs - WW II - terrorist leader Menahem Begin - more terror attacks, killed Arabs and killed British - smuggle of illegal immigrating Jews - robbery of arms - kidnapping and hanging - partition - propagandamap with occupied Transjordan - attack on Den Yasin - ship Altalena with new Irgun terrorists on board - forming the "national army" in Jerusalem since 1948

  • The racist Zionist organization in Africa: South Africa (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist LIthuanian Jews in South Africa - congregations, newspapers, and racist "friends" in the white racist upper class - Balfour Declaration by Smuts - high fund raising rate by gold and diamonds - youth manipulation and racist Zionist leaders - help for deported racist Zionist Jews on Mauritius - volunteers for "War of Independence" and Six-Day War
Africa and Asia
Northern "America"
  • The racist Zionist organization in Canada (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist societies since 1898 - WW I and Balfour Declaration stimulating more racist Zionism - youth movements and abuse of youth for war purpose - "social" work in racist Herzl Israel - racist Zionist structures of 1966 - emigration to racist Herzl Israel
  • The racist Zionistorganization in criminal racist "USA" (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionism from Russian Jewish immigrants dominating - anti-Zionism - racist Zionist congregations, parties, newspapers - Balfour Declaration of 1917 - new racist Zionist committees and organization - racist Zionist leader Brandeis - anti-Zionist Marshall and Joint - help for illegal immigration in Palestine and for racist fight of Haganah - Jewish Agency - fund raising - religious Zionist matters after 1948
  • Racist Zionist Organization of America (Z.O.A.) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Foundation of Z.O.A. by some little racist Zionist organization in 1918 - fund raising - representatives at the American Emergency Committee - racist Zionist troops for Palestine 1946-1948 - fund raising and youth manipulation since 1948
Central and southern "America"

Australia / New Sealand
  • The racist Zionist organization in Bulgaria (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Strong racist Zionism - emigration movements to Palestine before 1944 - exodus of 40,000 Jews to racist Herzl Israel 1944-1948 - closed racist Zionist institutions since 1949
  • The racist Zionist organization in CSSR (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist societies since 1893 - racist Zionist newspapers - racist Zionist student movements - the goal to "renew the image of Jewish man" - "national feelings" in WWI - "national minority rights" 1919-1939 - racist Zionist settlements in Palestine and Hebrew education - anti-Zionism - "pioneers" - emigration waves 1938-1939 and 1944-1950s - Communist block and Parague Spring 1968
  • The racist Zionist organization in Germany (Deutschland) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionism before 1897 - strong anti-Zionism - racist Zionist associations, newpapers, publishing houses since 1897 - Ha'avarah agreement under Hitler and emigration wave to Palestine - D.P. camps and further emigration waves - racist Zionist organization after 1945 and missing details
  • The racist Zionist organization in France (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Jewish banker Rothschild helping racist Jewish settlements in Palestine - agriculture - racist political Zionism in Paris - racist Zionist federations, organizations, and newspapers since 1901 - anti-Zionism until 1917 - abuse of youth enthusiasm for racist Zionism since 1919 - smuggling Jews to Switzerland and Spain during WWII - North African Jews - Six-Day War and racist Zionist solidarity
  • The racist Zionist organization in Great Britain (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Herzl in London - racist Zionist associations and racist Zionist leaders in racist Empire Great Britain - racist Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann in London and his racist Zionist "friends" manipulating London for a "Balfour Declaration" - abuse of Jewish youth for racist Zionist "youth movements" - Commonwealth idea - racist Herzl Israel since 1948 - fund rising of 1967 for Six-Day War
  • The racist Zionist organization in Italy (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist congregations since 1897 - racist Zionist delgates, periodicals, writers - racist Herzl in Italy - great racist Zionist times under Mussolini 1922-1938 - emigration wave since anti-Jewish laws 1938-1943 - deportations 1943-1944 - italy as a link for Jewish illegal emigration from Europe to Palestine and weapon delivery for racist Jewish Zionist terror organization Haganah 1945-1948
  • The racist Zionist organization in Yugoland (Yugoslavia, Jugoslawien) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Emigration movements - racist Herzl - assimilationists converted into racist Zionists - youth abuse - racist Russian Zionists in Yugoslavia during WWI - "pioneering" - racist Zionist "Revisionists" - Sephardi anti-Zionists - racist Zionist women's organizations - racist Zionist "cultural" activities - emigration wave since 1944
  • The racist Zionist organization in Holland / Netherlands (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist associations since 1899 - racist Zionist banker Kann - anti-Zionism - racist Zionit Congress - Lieme principles - racist Jewish National Fund in The Hague - Jewish refugees from Belgium during WW I - Jewish pioneers from eastern Europe after 1919 - trapped pioneers - racist youth movement and "radical Zionism" under Nordheim - concealed racist Zionism and German Jewish refugees since 1933 - WW II - emigration wave 1948-1969
  • The racist Zionist organization in Poland (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Slow racist Zionism in German and Russian Poland - fast racist Zionism in Austrian Galicia - big wave of racist anti-Semitism in anti-Semitic Poland 1919-1939 - "danger zones" and pioneer emigration - destruction of remaining Polish Jewry - "new Jewish man" - "disfigured man" - racist Zionism underground 1939-194 - escape routes 1945-1948 - racist Zionism in Communist Poland officially destroyed since 1948
  • The racist Zionist organization in Rumania (Romania) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Early racist Jewish settlements in Palestine by Romanian Jews - Rothschild's help for survival of the racist Jewish settlements - racist Zionist organizations and congresses - racist Zionist Jewish natinality, citizenship, and political parties, land purchase and press - legal and underground racist Zionism in WWII - emigration to Palestine from Romanian harbours - liquidated racist Zionism since 1953 under Communist regime
  • The racist Zionist organization in Russia (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Big racist Zionist movement since 1897 - anti-Zionists with center Kovno - racist Zionist congresses, parties, congregations, education - anti-Zionist Bundd - Plehve restrictions - repression since the definition "national minority"- since the Helsingfors conference in 1905 - center St. Petersburg - emigration waves - Communist repression since 1948 - emigration wave of 1969
  • The racist Zionist organization in Hungary (Ungarn) (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Assimilationists and Orthodox Jews - racist Herzl born in Budapest - strong anti-Zionism - some racist Zionists in Basle 1897 - spread of racist Zionism since 1897 - anti-Zionist government - racist Zionist students, newspapers, sprots clubs - Hungarian and Russian racist Zionists meeting during WW I - new national states since 1918 - racist Zionist Jewish nationalism growing - youth abuse for racist Zionist war purpose - emancipation canceled since 1937 - Holocaust - manipulated youth emigrating since 1945
Aid organizations and racist Zionist "aid organizations"
  • Racist Zionist National Concil of Jewish Women (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Pioneer help since 1893 for Jews, for Jewish poors, for Jewish refugees, for girls, educaiton work for Holocaust survivors - development of help for mentally handicaped
  • "Aid organization": Racist Zionist ORT for agriculture and industrial training - only for Jews (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Foundation in April 1880 - workshops for agriculture in Russia - employment service during WW I - branches in whole eastern and Central Europe 1920-1939 - industrialization in Russia in the 1920s - skilled Jews moving to Palestine - ORT in racist Zionist Herzl Israel stargting vocational training for new Jewish immigrants since 1948 - ORT in anti-Semitic Poland - quality - Arabs never mentioned...

Rassistisch-zionistische Bewegungen / racist Zionist movements
  • Racist Zionist Bilu "pioneer" movement since 1881 - racist Zionist Bilu village Gederah 1884 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Pogroms in Russia of 1881 provoking racist Zionoist Davio and Bilu "pioneer" movement for Palestine - Kharkov - war declaration against the Arabs - Odessa - split into political and emigration Bilu group - support by Netter and Pines - patly further emigration to criminal racist "USA" or back to Russia - foundation of Gederah in 1884
  • The racist Zionist Jewish kibbutz "pioneer youth movement" Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Racist Zionist Jewish youth movement since 1916 - the manipulation methods - ranks, publications - obligation for emigration to Palestine and to live in a kibbutz - mixed ideology with racist Zionism and class Marxism - world movement since 1920 and separatists - WW II with flight to "SU", with members in the Russian army and in Jewish resistance in NS territories - D.P. children activity, help for illegal immigration to Palestine - propaganda in Latin "America" - branches worldwide
  • Criminal and racist Zionist Youth "Pioneer" Movement He-Halutz ("The Pioneer") (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    The first "pioneer" youth movements since 1881 and after the Ussishkin call since 1905 - migration obligation in Ze'irei Zion movement since 1906 - Jewish Legion - conferences and resolutions since 1917 - Trumpeldor's militarism, presidency, and fast death in 1920 - "pioneer" emigration over the Black Sea and Caucasus - ideology resolution of 1923 for anti-capitalist and kibbutz line - "training farms" - forbidden He-Halutz in the "SU" since 1928 - "Bendin" and "105" wild emigration - Poland - illegal aliyah since 1934 by He-Halutz - He-Halutz in Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Germany, CSSR, "USA"

    "Pioneers", who can be turned into soldiers easily...
  • Racist Zionist youth emigration movement to kibbutzim (youth aliyah) 1933-1970 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Recha Freier, wife of a rabbi - Jewish youth brought to racist Zionist kibbutzim - emigration route via Caucasus - youth village in Cyprus 1945-1948 - racist Zionoist youth leaders and racist Zionist house mothers - Jews with "backwardness" from Africa and Asia - "education" and wards until 1970 - racist Zionist supporters from abroad

    Youth can be manipulated easily...
  • JWB's Jewish Center movement of the Young Hebrew Association: see: Aid organizations: JWB

Rassistisch-zionistische Operationen / racist Zionist operations
  • Criminal and racist Zionist emigration operation "Berihah" 1944-1948 (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Flight movement of 1939 building cells - conglomeration to racist Zionist Berihah in 1944 - closed borders by the British - central Berihah Committee - flight routes through Poland and CSSR - smuggle methods - D.P. camps before the blocked Italian border - pogroms in Poland and mass flight - Orthodox Jews from Russia - commander meeting at Basle in 1946 - emigration movement from Romania 1947 - Mosad connection - operations until 1949 - Arabs are never mentioned...

    The Arabs are never asked...

Rassistische Zionisten / racist Zionists

Rassist / racist Theodor Herzl
  • Theodor Herzl 01: The way to Zionism (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Schools and student times - doctorate - Paris and the Dreyfus case - Jewish state plans - searching for support - Herzl does not see the trap of Arab anti-Semitism
  • Theodor Herzl 02: Negotiations (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Negotiations with Constantinople, the German kaiser, and the British - Uganda plan - Russian Jews only want Palestine


Rassistien-Zionisten / racist Zionists

Rassist / racist Moshe Dayan
  • Moshe Dayan (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    Herzl Zionist Dayan family - cooperative settlement by the father - military action by the sons - general Moshe Dayan and his family

Zionistische Zitate / Zionist quotations

Zionisten-Rassisten wollen das gesamte Judentum beherrschen - und die Gegenwehr

Literaturbeispiele / examples of literature

Rassist Theodor Herzl: "Der Judenstaat" /  Racist Theodor Herzl: "The Jewish State" ("The Jew State")

"Christian" racist Zionism
  • Racist "Christian" Zionist movements and literature (Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971)  English
    "Christian" reformation and the prophecy of a new Jesus in Jerusalem- political arguments - archaeological arguments and it's impossibility - "Christian" racist Zionist madness since Balfour Declaration since 1917 - "Christians" helped to set up Middle East Conflict


Zionistische Regierung mit Mosad gegen PLO und Schwarzer September

Rache bringt nur neue Rache - und keiner will es merken, der Mosad sicher nicht.

1. Vorgeschichte: Israel ohne Grenzen - Vertreibung - Organisationen PLO und "Schwarzer September" - Sabena-Entführung
2. Das Verbot von Olympia für die Palästinenser - das Attentat von München 1972 - und die Rache von Golda Meir
3. Das versuchte Attentat in Nairobi - die Entführung von AF139 nach Entebbe - Rettungsaktion bei 4 Toten
4. Die Zerstörung des "Versuchsreaktors" "OSIRAK" im Irak 1981/1991