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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Persecution of the Jews: Pale of Settlement 05: Foundation of help organizations for the Jews under czarist discrimination

Alliance Israélite Universelle - Anglo-Jewish Association - Hilfsverein

from: History; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2007)

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[1860: Foundation of the Alliance Israélite Universelle - Anglo-Jewish Association - Hilfsverein]

Western and Central European Jews were thoroughly emancipated by the end of the 1860s. While increasingly involved with the culture and society of their environment, they could not remain unmoved by the plight of their unemancipated brethren in Eastern Europe, in the Balkan states, and in the Ottoman Empire. The rebuffs met with by many of the assimilationists in gentile society, and their own emotional and intellectual inability to adhere strictly to the rationalist (ahistorical) dogmas of the enlightenment, caused Jewish assimilation to remain paradoxically a specific phenomenon, in both Jewish and Christian societies.

Cumulatively, these factors led in 1860 to the creation of the *Alliance Israélite Universelle, an international organization of assimilated Jews. These united their efforts, for the sake of religious brotherhood, to help their oppressed and inarticulate coreligionists, despite national differences. The activities of this organization included diplomatic action and the establishment of schools and welfare institutions in the countries of "backward" Jews, thus subconsciously expressing Jewish solidarity.

Its many successes in part provided a challenge that led anti-Semites to readapt ancient libels about Jewish strivings for world domination into a malignant and influential myth through the forgery of the Protocols of the Learned *Elders of Zion. In a relatively short time the international structure of the Alliance began to weaken under the strain of national solidarities. Anglo-Jewry created its own *Anglo-Jewish Association, and German Jews eventually established their own *Hilfsverein der deutschen Juden [[Help association of German Jews]].> (col. 725)

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): History,
                          vol. 8, col. 725-726
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): History, vol. 8, col. 725-726

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