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The criminal term "conspiracy theory"

The term "conspiracy theory" should be banned because data and facts cannot conspire

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2011)

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The term "conspiracy theory" since 1946 - the stupid journalists, judges and "Christian" leaders

Since 1946 since the Nuremberg Process the term "conspiracy theory" is used worldwide because many scientists and authors detected contradictions in the Nuremberg Process and did not want to accept them. Against these critics was invented the term "conspiracy theory" with the ulterior motive that there would be a Neo Nazi conspiration going on. Until 1986 this term "conspiracy theory" was used during the Cold War in Europe, and since 1986 is used during gloablization times. By this left policy and policy of central parties are suggesting principally this: Persons doubting in data of "US" steered mass media, these persons are neo nazis. And this is really absolutely wrong.

But this term "conspiracy theory" even has several criminal implications at one single blow:

1. the term "conspiracy theory" comes from the "Cold War" and is a propaganda term to devaluate whole history works and to defame the authors as "conspirator"

2. the term "conspiracy theory" is used against all history works which do not correspond to the stupid, "America" friendly school booklets

3. the term "conspiracy theory" unburdens stupid journalists to read new books and to look the data in a new neutral manner, and as long as the wages are all right the stupid journalists will not want to read new books which they definite as "conspiracy theory" and the authors as "conspirators"

4. the term "conspiracy theory" keeps the stupid journalists in the pro "American" propagandistic line and confirms the "American" friendly universities where the stupid journalists have studied, and the stupid journalists cannot even imagine that all data are important and not only the data from the "America" friendly school booklets and from newspapers and from judgments

5. the term "conspiracy theory" is partly accepted by the stupid "American" friendly justice so the lawyers and judges are devaluing whole history works and their authors and are defaming them as "conspirator"

6. other responsibles of the state's authorities are even repeating this version of interpretation, e.g. leaders of "Christian" groups, politicians, or also the censorship of the lexicons as e.g. in the Wikipedia etc. The censors exclude humans and meanings which would be in fact very important.

All in all the term "conspiracy theory" provokes a huge harm in the historiography since 1946 because history works are not fitting into the "America" friendly media, and then the works are generally blamed to be works of "conspirators", always in comparison to Nazis or Communists. It's incredible who stupid the journalists and the lawyers and the judges are and are using this general and criminal term against data. But as long as the wages are all right the practice will not be changed.

Examples of "conspiracy theories" - and the counter evidence are not counting at the media!

Above all the following events are said to be conspiracy theories:

-- all alternative data concerning holocaust which do not fit into the holocaust procedure of the Auschwitz process

-- all alternative data about the "moon landings" and the "American" "astronauts" where many fotos are demonstrable manipulated, and the cosmic radiation and the radioactivity of the Van Allen radiation belts and the radioactivity on the moon itself would have caused cancer at the "astronauts" immediately when they really had been on the moon

-- concerning 11 September 2001 where we have exact real facts: The sky scrapers of the WTC collapsed within 10 seconds as fast as in a free fall, there are a lot of indications of many explosions within the towers directly from the firefighters in the buildings, and there are no wreckages in the holes and also at the Pentagon and near Shakesville there is no wreckage to find

-- and since 2010 all people recognizing the truth about the poor Euro are also said to be conspiracy theorists.

But the fact is: Data and facts cannot conspire, but CIA and the "US" regime can very well. All these counter evidence are named "conspiracy" by the stupid "US" government and the stupid journalists and the data are not reported or are even mocked.

With this criminalization of whole works of authors the stupid journalists and judges are not provoking peace but they are making war against the data and against facts which do not "fit in", so the "USA" can always be presented as the "good" and the others always as the "bad" ones. As long as the wages are all right the stupid journalists and judges will go on like this...

"Conspiracy theories" do not exist - there are only data which are right or wrong


Because until today the stupid journalists and judges are not ready to see the "conspiracy theories" also from another side that the "conspiracy" could come come perhaps from the "American" side, from the regime at Washington and from the secret service CIA.

So, it would be a progress when the journalists and the judged would present their work to present data to the public not any more within the schema of "conspiracy theories", of "good and bad", but to look for the data themselves. By this many truths would come out.

Even better would be a worldwide resolution that "conspiracy theories" do not exist. There are only data. The data are right or wrong or not complete yet - and it's not important who is presenting them.

An when new data come out which are not "fitting in" not the data are wrong, but the "picture" is wrong.

Until today there is a sort of racism in the historiography against data and authors which are not "fitting in".

Ban of the term "conspiracy theory" - the term "conspiracy theory" is immoral and criminal

By all this it would be right when the term "conspiracy theory" would be banned. Then every person had to take earnest all data and all the facts, and by this a general sentence against works and authors would not be possible any more.

It's impossible for anybody to be a "conspirator" only because he is presenting data which do not please to the "America" friendly media in Europe and "America".

And it's not possible to "plot" by presenting data in reports which are not pleasing to the "America" friendly media of Europe and "America".

Data and facts cannot conspire. They only can be right or wrong, or incomplete.

Logic cannot conspire. By all this the term "conspiracy theory" is immoral and criminal and has to be banned.

Michael Palomino
August 2006 / 2011


Conspiracies are handled with secret agreements

from: E-Mail from Jurij Below from 22 January 2010, revised by Michael Palomino

In an e-mail from 22 January 2010 journalist Jurij Below presents clearly how conspiracies are handled, with secret agreements:

<Well, general conspiracies always have been from the antique times until today. In spite of my mental attitude to the so called "organized Jews" [Jewish propaganda organizations] conspiracies are not the method of the Jews only. There is an important example of conspiracy for example between Stalin and Hitler managing the "solution of the Jewish question" resp. the decision of Evian conference. There were secret agreements. Diplomacy is acting with secret agreements presenting then an alleged consense to the public. In banker's circles and in other international trusts secret agreements are a daily matter (see the publications in "Forbes").>

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